30 Things Not To Say To A New Parent (or how to get yourself black-listed off the friends list)

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Thirty things not to say to parent or ‘how to get yourself black-listed off the friends list’

The following is a list of actual quotes taken from various contexts. Some are first-hand and some are what my friends have reported others saying to them.

  1. Hasn’t he got a funny shaped head
  2. Oh, you still look pregnant.
  3. At least his middle name is not weird.
  4. Doesn’t having a baby ruin your body!
  5. Really, you want ANOTHER one of these?
  6. Finally I can tell you what to do now that you have a child.
  7. Aren’t you a glutton for punishment?
  8. I told you your life would change, look at your house!
  9. That is not the way we did it in my day.
  10. He should be on solids by now.
  11. Babies shouldn’t breastfeed when they have teeth.
  12. Is that a girl or a boy?
  13. He doesn’t look like his father much.
  14. Do you want me to hold the baby so you can do some housework?
  15. Hmph. I have never heard of that name before.
  16. Is that really what you are going to call your child?
  17. I thought breastfeeding helped you to lose weight.
  18. Don’t you believe in contraception?
  19. Oh, you don’t have any friends with babies? I have heaps.
  20. I’d rather have a home-cooked meal than takeaways thanks. (guest at house)
  21. Most home-businesses fail anyway.
  22. You look exhausted.
  23. How is baby? (not how are you)
  24. Oooh that’s a small baby. Are you feeding her?
  25. You are overdressing your baby/You are under-dressing your baby
  26. What, no baking? (with coffee)
  27. Did you get on with the postman well?
  28. PND is pretty common. You should get some medication. (Why not talk first? Offer an ear?)
  29. I really just don’t get why you didn’t come to our party.
  30. That’s a face only a mother could love.

Which quotes by your friends bothered you the most?



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