Vague is in Vogue/Confessions of a tantrummy-mummy

I can confidently confess that I am currently suffering from a combination of baby brain and sleep deprivation as result of being pregnant with my second baby with a toddler in tow. I have been exceptionally vague of late as well as emotional. So rather than letting myself get down about it, I have tried to see some of the merits of this passing ‘condition’.

Toddlers have tantrums when they are over-tired. I am beginning to know this all too well; but what about parents?

Recent (randomly selected) tantrum-worthy events in my life have included pouring hot water on my cereal instead of into my mug, leaving my groceries at the supermarket and driving home without them, spending far too long in front of the coffee shelves at the supermarket searching in vain for decaf coffee, having a toddler who STILL won’t sleep when I feel like I am coming to the end of my ‘sleep –tactics-list’ and leaving the hot tap running in the kitchen for I-don’t-know-how-long.

These moments have been pretty frustrating – but having a tantrum over them would probably be counter-productive – Nobody wants to see a pregnant lady lie on her tummy and hammer her fists into the ground and have a big public ‘wah’ do they? It would be tricky for me to lie on my tummy at the moment anyway…

What comfort is there when you are feeling a pregnant outburst coming on?

1) Scientific studies show that pregnancy can adversely affect memory.
2) Scientific studies also show that fatigue can increase one’s emotional sensitivity.
3) Baby brain is scientifically proven.
4) Women are scientifically proven not to be robots.
5) Parenting is an imperfect science.
6) Ultimately, we should direct our rage at science

These ‘facts’ have helped me to deal with being a tantrummy-mummy ‘a little’ more rationally…

But what about the vagueness that comes with pregnancy and having ‘baby brain’?

Instead of getting annoyed at myself for being forgetful and indecisive lately, I am looking for ways that this might actually be an improvement…

Vague is in vogue because:

1) If you can’t make a decision, it encourages people to recommend something to you.
2) It saves money (you forget some of the things you ‘need’ to buy).
3) It takes a load off. Being decisive can be tiring (and you are already tired) so maybe that decision can wait a little longer….
4) It encourages reflection. Inevitably you will need to return to a thought more than once to complete it and this could definitely enhance the final outcome…
5) It allows you to relax more (because it takes you longer to do things).
6) The long-winded decision-making process makes you appear to be more considered/thoughtful
7) People want to talk to you about your pregnancy and barely anything else anyway…

Whilst it may be irrational to directly blame your pregnant outbursts on science and being vague may not be ‘in vogue’ for all situations – at least it can make you feel better for a little bit in between… You may as well try to be the ‘glass half full’ type…

Love umbrellas joke


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