Sex-Free Romps – 5 Play Dates for Parents

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‘Those that play together, stay together’ is a truth we hold dear.

Fun needs to be the fizz that keeps your love bubbling…

When you have a child, things change. Things can change quite a lot and your previous ‘entertainment’ habits may need to change too. Your sex life may be [a lot] quieter than usual and you might have to reinvent what constitutes a fun night in with your partner…

And it’s not just post-baby, post-birth, body bulges and baby getting in the way – budgeting, time, energy, sleeplessness and brand new feelings in a new role as parents can also dramatically affect life as you knew it.

Play dates don’t have to be ‘serious’ dates. They don’t have to be particularly romantic and they are not necessarily night-time specific either.

But they should be fun.

And we like fun.



(Enjoying the little things is key…)


  1. Blind Play dough sculpt-off


This is a simple game involving play dough.

One person suggests an object or an animal and then you have two minutes (or determine your own time) to make the animal/object with your eyes closed. (No peeking!) Once the time is up, you judge each other’s work.

You can make it as hard (or as easy) as you like: tea cup and saucer, elephant, Madonna and Child, toaster, stag (with antlers!), a worm…


2. DVD munch-fest in a couch nest


This one is popular in our household.

We choose a DVD and our favourite treats, push our two couches together to make a big ‘nest’ and settle in for the night.



3. Rude word Scrabble 


For some reason my man and I always draw at scrabble. We are both very competitive and it always ends up as an exact tie when we play ‘the normal way’ – neither of us can explain it and it just keeps happening.

Add a ‘rude words only’ rule and the results are a lot more ‘colourful’. (And he usually wins…)


4. Ice-cream hunt


This play date is great for the whole family. We all (toddler too!) jump in the car and drive somewhere new for ice cream. Sometimes we end up driving quite far on our ice-cream hunt, and other times we get ‘takeaway’ ice-creams from a dairy (corner store) and drive somewhere new to eat them.


5. Silly dinner challenge/collaborative cooking


This one can involve other silly friends who might like to join you in a strange dinner celebration.

NB: You need to have understanding friends who don’t mind being interrupted by the needs of your child/ren. And if you don’t have friends like these – do it without them because clearly they are no fun. 😉

Some ideas for silly dinner challenges:

Themed by a globe spin (pick a place)

Themed by a cook book (we have a Kenny Rogers cook book where every recipe has pineapple in it…?)

Themed by ingredient (we once hosted a 5 course mince dinner – complete with ‘after dinner mince’… ha ha!)

Themed by a celebrity chef

Themed by your child’s favourite flavours (if they are still up to partake)

Themed by colour

Backwards dinner (pudding first!)




Your journey as a parent should be fun.

Outie: we like having fun.


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