Use and abuse them – they like it.

(If these floors could talk…)

Most things designed for children are not designed to last. But what happens when you truly put a product to the test?

It’s a good business model to design something with a hidden area of weakness. This means that the manufacturers design the products with a goal that parents will re-spend money on the same thing again in the future to satisfy the needs of their child/ren.

It doesn’t really make sense to make something well anymore in a consumer and sales-driven society. If it needs to be replaced, it will make more money in the long term.

Money wins over environmental cost. Production is the key. Money wins full stop. Products are not really designed to take abuse from children.


‘Big business’ seems to have a winning formula with a little sticker as a disclaimer. Yet I have a sneaky suspicion that the ‘not suitable for children under 3’ icon on a lot of toys and baby accessories is not necessarily written to ward off potential choking hazards but rather to insure the producers against the bashy-bitey tendencies of one and two year olds who will. seek. out. and. destroy. (DESTROY!)

How many products can you think of right now that are currently designed to withstand abuse without pending replacement? Um?

Outie Splat Mats are suitable for all ages.

Outie Splat Mats ARE suitable for all ages!


a)      It pays to know that products have been put to the test and are not subject to easy breakage. (Products should withstand abuse)

b)      It pays to know that products are not made in a sweat shop. (Products should not abuse)

c)       It pays to know that products will last. (Abuse of product will not harm product)

d)      It pays to purchase environmentally sustainable products. (Manufacturers should not abuse environment)

e)      Products that do not break easily are more valuable. (Products that can withstand abuse are worth purchasing.)

NB: On a side note I would love to one day be employed as an official product tester so that I could deliberately bite, scratch, hammer and stomp my way through products with my toddler to see if they are really, truly baby -friendly… It actually sounds kind of fun?!

Under an easel - Outie Splat Mats can withstand the abuse of painting too.

Under an easel – Outie Splat Mats can withstand the abuse of painting too.


Outie Splat Mats are made out of recycled billboard advertising that were originally designed to withstand the abuse of the outdoors (high winds, rain, hail, prolonged exposure to sunlight and, to some extent, graffiti).

The original purpose of the materials Splat Mats are made out of mean that they are not easily ‘weathered’ but, ask any parent, and a toddler on a rampage can be as terrifying as a ‘general weather’ storm.

The following ‘systematic abuse systems’ were applied to a sample of Outie Splat Mats TM with the verdict recorded below:


Splat Mats were subject to the following conditions:

under baby during changing, catching meconium, catching poo, under pile of dirty nappies, under nappy bucket, in car, under pile of vomit, holding pile of vomit, subject to hose, subject to high pressure fire hose (yes actually!), nappy free time, outdoor picnics in full sun and shade, under baby bath, on top of hot sand, as a travel mess mat, under high chair, under projectile vomiting episode.

(Damage: Minor scuff marks evident. Wipes clean easily. Full functionality intact.)


car boot liner example of use orange leaf colour story

more splats jan 2013


Splat Mats were subject to the following conditions:

Under high chair, baby-led-weaning, under bed for train set, activity mat, colouring in mat, sand catcher, play dough catcher, food catcher, vomit catcher, visiting travel mat, turtle shell, burrito roll, cushion taco, super hero cape, glue catcher, baking assistant area, after beach changing area, messy feeding area, messy play spot, hide and seek blanket, carpet eating spot, ‘stand here while I think of what to do with all that poo’ spot, carpet slider, toddler spinning tool, under the potty – toilet training tool, under table/messy eating area.

(Damage: Minor scuff marks, some pen scribbles. Wipes clean easily. Full functionality intact.)



Splat Mats were subject to the following conditions:

Under car as oil drip catcher, oil changing mat on gravel driveway, pram cover in wet weather, under dog’s bed, under dog feeding area, next to fire, firewood cover, craft thread catcher, cutting surface for sewing, post-surf changing mat, car boot liner, under car seat (specialised shape), muddy boot spot, visiting children activity area, prickle protector, fridge mover, furniture slider assistant, picnic rug insulator, tepee liner, wet area overflow mat, giant pancakes, crocodile game starters, paddling pool cover under the painting easel.

(Damage: Some colour faded patches. Visible scratches (from dragging high chair and fridge across! Wipes clean easily and still very functional).

splat mat dog from kid independent

elegance colour story example 2

Summer Colour story samples


They (Splat Mats) like the abuse and we love them for it.


Five truths about abuse of Outie Splat Mats TM:

 a)      Splat Mats withstand abuse.

b)      Splat Mats do not abuse

c)       Abuse of a Splat Mat will not harm a Splat Mat.

d)      The production of Splat Mats does not impact the environment.

e)      Splat Mats can withstand abuse and are worth your consideration for purchase.

From bumps to boo-boos, babies to boobies – Outie has got you covered.

Parents happily abuse Splat Mats and love them for it.

Parents happily abuse Splat Mats and love them for it.

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