Living on the edge of nowhere (the importance of perspective)

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It is easy to focus on negative aspects of life and take a ‘woe is me’ attitude. There can be a lot of hurdles that are difficult to take in your stride.

My advice for what to do when things get a little tough?

Get outside.

In recent weeks I have felt frustrated about running my business from home due to some geographical and political factors that have made things more difficult. I have felt like I am at a bit of a dead end.

Some hurdles due to our geographical placement ‘in the wops’ have been:

Couriers will not deliver to our house

Couriers will also not pick up from our house.

We are miles away from cafes and basic amenities.

Some friends don’t like to visit because it is ‘too far’ or their car will get dirty on our gravel road.

It can be isolating.

We have limited broadband access. (We have satellite broadband with a 4GB data cap per month that costs us literally an arm and a leg).

We do not have a landline. (Our road has a copper wire that was installed in 1972 and currently half of it that was ‘replaced’ is just hanging in the trees!. The government has told us that we are part of the lucky few in rural NZ that will never get access to broadband or full mobile coverage despite the fact that we pay full big-city rates).

Most online tutorials for businesses require video viewing online which our data-cap will not allow.

The bit-rate of our satellite can’t even support Skype!

Oh – and these are all rather major technological disadvantages when I am trying to run an online business from home…

So with all of that said, it’s really good to remind myself why the hell we live where we do… and why the hell I am doing this at all.

I need to walk away from the phone, to walk away from the computer and to just leave the packages in my studio to rest for a little bit before I have to drive to the post office with my toddler in tow later today.

What I have learned is that if you hold off on your task list for a couple of hours, your task list will not be changed. But how you feel about completing said tasks on the list definitely can change (and will).

I like to think ‘outside the box’ – and getting outside/away can help me to see things from a brand new perspective.

Thinking ‘outside the box’ is good – but going ‘outside the box’ can be much better.

So, a little early morning jaunt this morning in the sunshine, has helped to put it all back into perspective.

Why do the hurdles not matter? The ‘dead end’ street where I live and work, is actually an incredible destination.


It is beautiful here.

And peaceful.

I am near the sea and trees are everywhere.

This place feeds the parts of me that create.

It is an amazing place to raise children.

Bush walks are at my doorstep (there is no need for a gym membership).

The beach is a small drive away.

The views are fantastic.

I don’t want to be found on my phone when I am outside.

I am building my business from home – because being home with my little man  is actually pretty awesome.

The hurdles I mentioned earlier are surmountable with a bit of perspective.

The perspective goes hand in hand with perseverance and some ‘outside the box’ thinking strategies – but keeping things in perspective is the most important thing.

Here’s a challenge for you:

Write down all of things that are currently making you frustrated.

Go outside and explore somewhere new. Spend a couple of hours being ‘unaccountable’ (leave your technology behind).

Return to your task list. Have you been rewarded with a new perspective?

Check out what I do from home here.


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