Protection For Dirty Backseat Antics

An Outie Carseat Splat Catcher in action - reducing the stresses of parenting messes one Splat at a time.

An Outie Carseat Splat Catcher in action – reducing the stresses of parenting messes one Splat at a time.

Once upon a time I was on my way to meet a friend for coffee at a butterfly house. The nappy bag was packed with all of the essentials, I was a bit more dressed up than usual and my son was also kitted up in a cute photo-opportunity-appropriate outfit.

All of us were happily on our way when…

the wee man got carsick.

For some reason children don’t just do a little vomit – they vomit up everything all at once and with great force. My son was covered and his carseat had been transformed into a disgusting paddling pool of grossness.

I thought I was prepared with six reusable cloth wipes in my bag but these were barely sufficient to clean his clothes (and there was a lot of gross stuff to contend with).

I whipped him out and whipped the carseat out and I did an emergency side of the road clean up job that just about did the trick. (I forgot a change of clothes for him – and I definitely had not prepared myself with a change of clothes for me).

My boy was ok but the car was still filthy and my black interior upholstery was now painted a disgusting colour.

Needless to say, we turned back and never made it to the butterfly house coffee date.

When we got home I put my son in the bath, pulled the covers off his carseat to throw in the washing machine and changed all of my clothes.

Everything was sorted except the car…

It was this experience that inspired me to make the Carseat Splat Catcher.


Backseats get dirty for more reasons than I care to mention and children can get up to a lot of mischief while you are busy driving.

The upholstery of your car can really suffer.

The dirt:

Some baby-specific facts…

 Babies are mess-makers

Babies are unpredictably ‘spilly’

Small children can suffer from explosive travel sickness (see above)

Small children often ‘explode’ from one end or other

Cars are not immune to baby messes

Carseats do not contain spills

How can you prevent the icky/sticky/yuckiness from ruining your car’s lovely upholstery?

The answer was born out of experience.

The Carseat Splat Catcher – catches all of the Splats that make it beyond the capsule or car seat and are the ultimate protection for your car’s upholstery. (And they help save the planet too! They are made out of recycled advertising which is also pretty cool.)

From bottle spills to ‘wee’ accidents, from car sickness to all things yucky…

It’s another ‘rubbish’ revolution by  Outie.


If I could go back in time knowing what I do now about that day – what would I have taken with me?

a big bottle of water

a full change of clothes (or two) for the little boy

a full change of clothes for me

a towel

twenty cloth wipes

a wet bag to put gross wipes into

a juice or bottle to settle the boy’s stomach

some hand sanitiser

a carseat splat catcher

What’s the worst backseat mess you have had to clean up?


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