Little Animal Night Light DIY

Little Animal Night Light DIY

This is one of my favourite DIY nursery projects that I came up with to help settle my baby in the early months.

He loved watching the animals dance on the walls to the flickering candle light.

Make your own: All you need is a clean baby food jar, a paint pen, some cute animal inspiration to draw from (I used a 70’s transfer book as a source) and a tea-light candle (and did you know that you can keep your candles in the freezer to help them to burn longer?)

Another ‘rubbish’ revolution by

From belly bumps to boo-boos, babies to boobies – Outie has got you covered. X

**SAFETY FIRST: Place out of reach of children. Use on a tile or heat-proof surface. Keep away from curtains.



animal night light



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