Super Mama Go-Go Boobie Balls

boobie balls

A quick recipe for mummies on the go who want a yummy energy snack that is easy to make and doesn’t need any fancy ingredients.
All you need is some dried fruit/nuts, a bit of breakfast cereal, condensed milk and water.

These also make a great doorstep gift for mummies with new babies as oats, coconut, LSA and sunflower seeds all offer great nutritional support for nursing.


Muesli and/or rolled oats
Dried fruit (dates and/or apricots are good for stickiness and flavour)
Choc Chips
Medley of other cereals: Special K malt flakes/Rice Bubbles/Nutrigrain – whatever you have on hand
Pumpkin seeds
Sunflower seeds
LSA (especially good for nursing)

Quantities of each ingredient is entirely up to you (I use about 1 cup each of cereals and then add handfuls of each other ingredient and save coconut for rolling balls in at the end).

Whizz all dry ingredients in food processor with 1Tbsp condensed milk, 1 tsp peanut butter (optional) and enough water to bind and roll into balls.

Roll in coconut and refrigerate until you need them.

PS. Toddlers and children like them too.


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