I really want an ugly baby!


Today I was asked, ‘What is one thing you really wanted as a kid but wasn’t allowed?”

Well, I really wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid doll. They were popular along with My Little Ponies, Jelly Shoes and Bubble Skirts but I was not allowed a Cabbage Patch Kid above all other things that I was not allowed.

I wasn’t allowed to have a bubble skirt (can’t remember why), I wasn’t allowed jelly shoes because they were plastic and wouldn’t last (you can have Roman Sandals little miss) yet my mum relented on getting me a My Little Pony purely because I was so mad about horses (and it made me be quiet about wanting a real life pony I think).

But the Cabbage Patch Baby that I so desperately wanted was always out of my reach.


Because my mum simply said, “No. They are ugly.”

But I really really wanted an ugly baby!

Ugly adj – unpleasant or repulsive, especially in appearance.

Where my mum saw ugly, I saw cute.

What she found repulsive, I found magnetic and desirable.

And if I look carefully at the dolls now, I can’t see any real reason why she saw them as being so unpleasant because they are smiling and huggable… aren’t they?

It’s hard to say why I wanted one so badly. I loved that they came with birth certificates, birth marks and names. I thought it was amazing that they grew in the garden and they were the talk of the classroom and all of my friends had one…

All of my friends had one (probably the most likely reason to be frank) and I really wanted one too (even though my mum thought they were ugly).

I never got a Cabbage Patch doll and for some reason it sticks in my mind as something that my child-self thought was entirely unfair.

Now I am not so sure.

Children can’t be given everything they want. Lines have to be drawn somewhere to help to tame their wants…

Don’t they?

What about you? What did you always want as a kid? What reasons did your parents give you for not allowing you to have something?

-Katrina (Outie)



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