Virtual Awesome Award – Customer Coolness Exposed


I have awesome customers and every now and then one of them really stands out…

When I was a full time secondary school teacher, I would put a lot of effort into my lessons. I tried to make engaging content, mix the classes up, challenge the thriving students and gently extend the struggling ones. I loved my job because every hour was different (teaching across three subject areas – English, Art and Art History) and some of the students were the rare kind that said, ‘Thank You’ at the end of a lesson.

It didn’t happen all the time (the thanking), but when it did, it would give me a little boost to do something else new and exciting when I saw them on the next timetable rotation. It is just so nice to be ‘seen’ and ‘appreciated’.

Running a business from home is an entirely different kettle of fish. The same kind of planning is required, the same attempts to keep things fresh and exciting, the same variety in type of work (design, drawing, writing, packaging, posting, planning…) but the difference is that most of my customers are virtual so sometimes I can feel kind of invisible. I know I am not – but it doesn’t stop the feeling creeping in sometimes.

I still get to know them and share in the joys that they share with me – babies born, new pregnancies to celebrate and sanity saved after mess-making grublets have done what they do best by using one of my Splat Mats… But I don’t get to stand by the door, thank them and know when I might see them next.

There is no timetabled ‘next lesson’… but when they do come back I remember them and it makes me love my job a little bit more.

A little ‘awesome email’ share for this post today that really made my week.  The following is from a lovely lady who bought two dresses (Kerchief and Batwing) and two large Splat Mats to gift to the grandparents for Christmas.

Her email has been slightly edited to remove personal content – but you get the gist. And the gist is good.

This is my very public gifting of a gold star (how teacherly) to thank her for coming back, for stopping to ‘chat’, for ‘seeing’ me and for taking time out to write. X


Got my super cool splatmats today! Thanks heaps! I cant wait to give them to the grand-folks for xmas! I’m sure they will be not only awed by the awesomeness but pleased to have something to protect their floors too! 

And then the next day:

Thank you so much, I have only just had a chance to get to time to try the dresses on! They are just what I needed! Something that is practical at the moment for breast feeding but something that makes me feel more me!

I’m busy madly organising things for a party and I have 20 people turning up! I must be insane!

I wish there were awesome awards, as I would definitely give you one!

I hope you have a lovely christmas with your family and that you have some more than well deserved time off when “Tummy Nugget” arrives

Thank you so much again!


And she wanted to give me an awesome award! No No! You deserve one!

Thanks to all of my cool customers.

Katrina (Outie)

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