So Hot Right Now – Boobs Out For Summer

It’s 30 degrees, the sun is scorching, the deck is burning, the paddling pool (pimped or not) is not big enough, local black sand beaches are burny and I am 36 weeks + I can’t remember how many days pregnant.

It is too hot to work inside.

There are hot-toddler-tantrums happening and mummy is not far from joining in.

Cue Mugatu : [Outie is] so hot right now.


All I want to do is sit in the shade and be fanned with palm leaves – but life doesn’t really work like that sadly.

So this morning I combined business with pleasure and I took my work with me to have a toddler-friendly adventure and to check out a brand new water park in Mt Eden.

Where did we go?

Potter’s Park New Splash Pad, Mt Eden, Auckland.


Who was I meeting?

Helen – pattern maker and fabric guru from Uncommon Thread Kits, her two ‘big’ kids (8,10) plus my toddler (21months).


What were we meeting for?

Discussing the next steps/new directions for the Everything Batwing dresses and kits.

I originally designed the Everything Batwing to wear to nurse my son – but it ended up being my most versatile outfit of all time and Helen helped me to make it into a proper pattern and DIY sewing Kit that would be suitable for beginner sewers.


Why does this have anything to do with boobs out for Summer?

The Outie ‘Everything’ dresses are designed for nursing as well as for maternity and being ‘bumpless’. They are really popular and we want more people to be wearing them, making them and enjoying them this Summer. You can wear them in any season though – it’s just so hot right now that Summer is all that I can think of.

And whilst I have just written ‘Boobs out’ – the best thing about both of these dress designs (the Batwing and the Kerchief) is that they are are a discrete nursing solution so that you can feed your child easily in public without feeling exposed and/or judged (don’t get me started…)

batwing nursing

What was the outcome?

Well the kids had fun and we made some decisions.

The dresses will still be made to order in fabrics selected from what is in stock OR shopped to suit the customer. I am personally looking forward to making some NEON dresses – but I am still hunting for the right fabric… although I am already in love with the brightness of the Fern Brights fabric and the batik that is currently in stock. (I have a love affair with batik that I think has something to do with where I was born…)


The currently made-up Batwing kits will be sold in a pre-Christmas sale – loading soon! (Contact me if you are wanting one now! – – International Customers welcome).

And the patterns will soon be able to be purchased alone as ‘just a pattern’ without the kit for people to make up themselves in their own fabric/thread choices! (I am pretty excited about this bit!)

So that was the business side of things dealt with.

The fun side of things?

This new park is going to become a family favourite for everyone in Auckland very soon and it was already packed at 9:30am. Every shady spot was dotted with picnicking families, the water play area was full of nudey and be-togged kidlets having loads of fun and the fenced playground directly next to it means you can let your toddler loose without worrying about them running onto the road.

My only ‘negative’ point was that there is no shade for the play areas and I regretted wearing a black singlet and not having a tie-on hat for little Outie. His straw fedora, whilst super cute, is easily removed and his Westie style mullet is not yet thick enough to provide adequate neck protection…  – we are working on this… 😉

Now we are back home and I can fulfil today’s orders. The toddler is happily exhausted from an adventurous romp in the water/on the play ground and I can get some work done feeling a little less hot and bothered.

The Everything Batwing Dresses and Kerchief Dresses are currently on sale – you can buy two (custom made for you) for $110.

Check them out.

They are so hot right now.


Love Outie.


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