Making Happy – making things is good for you

I am most content when I get time to make things in my studio. I find sewing relaxing and the rare moments that I get to sew are also rare moments I get to spend alone.

Here are some images from yesterday’s efforts:


This is a new Outie Everything Kerchief dress made in a gorgeous Japanese waves and butterflies print. It is gorgeous and floaty and means that the dress has much more potential as a ‘dress up’ option for special occasions. It will be hard for me to part with this one but I am now inspired to make a gold and black sheer one for myself for an upcoming wedding in February 2014…

(I have TWO of these dresses available currently but you will have to be in quick!)

I also finished sewing two Everything Batwing dresses for a custom order – in brown stripe and a lovely warm brown knit fabric. I was a little disappointed at how ‘plain’ the brown dress looked so I experimented with some accessories to make sure my customer would be happy.

Here’s the brown Everything Batwing with a home-made 1920s inspired aqua flapper necklace and a wide belt I made from some quilting off cuts. I do love a pop of colour…


Then, with aqua on my brain, I noticed some old stock of Cloud maternity tees and I quickly turned one of my Heartstrings Maternity Tees into a carry-all re-usable shopping bag.


(To make one of these yourself: Just chop the sleeves off and cut the neck super low (like a really low-neck singlet). Cut the shoulder seams and re-tie the shoulder ‘straps’ into handles on the same side – two front pieces are tied together and two back pieces are tied together. This means that the image can be seen when you carry it.

Turn the tee inside out and cut the bottom so that it is a rounded shape. Sew the bottom of the tee- bag together.

The last ‘slicing’ part is optional but I like the way that it transforms the tee into a brand new object. Lay the tee-bag flat and slice little slices in a staggered pattern through both layers. Be careful not to cut across seams or to cut too close to the edge as it may rip in the future. This makes it into a netting bag (better for the beach so that sand can escape) and it also means that it can stretch more and you can see little sneak peeks into what is inside it!

It also turned into a nice way to package the two dresses up for posting… (Becky gets a carry-all freebie!)


Finally, I managed to cut an Everything Batwing dress pattern out of some amazing 70s orange poppy fabric. I have cut it so that the border runs along the bottom of the dress and I can’t wait to get an order for it so that I can sew it up to size.

Here is the new fabric next to the black Butterfly/Waves fabric I made the Kerchief dress out of.Image

Isn’t it gorgeous?!

And in a moment of inspiration at the end of the day, I decided to get do something Christmassy for our house. We haven’t gotten around to getting a ‘proper’ tree yet…

I cut a large native fern from our garden and spray painted it gold.

I then tied it to to our fire place with ribbon and put candles at the bottom as well as a jar with a concealed torch in it so that I can have some ‘mood lighting’ at night.


I then quickly made some button garlands out of gold thread and paua buttons I had in my studio stash and they are now prettying up the bottom of my new ‘tree’…


What do you think?

Making makes me feel good. What will you be making today?

(I’m also working on [baking] a baby… any day now it feels like…)

-Katrina (Outie)

tee bag thumb


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