New Recruits Wanted – Rate Yourself!

Are you our ideal Outie customer?

we want you

As if there aren’t enough lists telling you what you need to be, here’s another one. Can you get 11 out of 11?

Here is a list of words that describe our ideal customer. Even though Outie started out as a maternity brand, you might notice that ‘pregnant’ is pretty low down on the list.

Outie customers are:

  1. fun
  2. intelligent
  3. adventurous
  4. trail-blazing
  5. environmentally conscious
  6. stylish
  7. practical
  8. hot
  9. savvy
  10. economical
  11. pregnant, nursing or neither

What’s your score?

Are you ready to be a new recruit?



Check out our Boxing Day Sale (til the end of 2013!) and you can get 30% off EVERYTHING with the discount code


Go to to get started. International recruits welcome.

Love Outie.




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