Cheddar-Mooning God

Cheddar-moon (verb) – to push something upon someone even though they have already politely said ‘no’.

Cheddar-moon (noun) –  a nut encrusted moon or mound-shaped dip made from an assortment of cheeses and other ingredients used to dip crackers into for entertaining purposes.

This word earned its status as a verb a long time ago when I, extremely proud of my home-made cheddar moon at a party, drunkenly forced it upon all guests who dared to even look at a cracker or carrot stick… (Ahem!)


Yesterday afternoon we went for an afternoon wander in a nearby dandelion-filled field. It has long grass the dogs love jumping in, daisies my son loves to pick, buttercups, blackberries and thistles and it is one of our favourite places to catch the afternoon sun.

Feeling wistful, I waded uphill through the long grass to the top of the field to encourage the dogs to bound off some more energy and to hopefully ‘hurry things along’ with some rugged walking.

Along the way, I collected dandelions and I made a wish on each and every one.

What was my wish? I wished my baby would arrive that day.

I have heard that second babies are more likely to come early and that with an active lifestyle an ‘early’ baby is more likely still… so my purposeful walk through blackberry snags, long grass and gorse with bare legs and jandals should surely have hurried things along. But it didn’t.

I picked lots of dandelions and I made lots of wishes.

I even wished out loud (this counts for extra wishing points).

But still nothing.

Baby is still in there.

So last night, with feet up (airing swollen ankles), I expressed my disappointment to my man and he chided me, “That’s what you get for cheddar-mooning god”.

If I made one wish – would it be any different?

If I called it a prayer instead – would it change anything?

I am guilty as charged for cheddar-mooning god in this instance.


I will wait.

And I will try to be more patient.

And I will try to learn my lesson (that even though I think something is delicious and should be tried RIGHT NOW – sometimes now just isn’t the time).

And I will stop wishing (for now).

I will just enjoy the other thistley flowers I picked and didn’t wish on.


Meanwhile at 38 weeks I am still trying acupuncture and moxibustion… but that’s not cheddar-mooning is it?

How were you in your pregnancy/ies? With my first, I don’t remember feeling so impatient – perhaps because it was all so unknown. This time around I feel like I really can’t wait to meet the tummy nugget…

2 questions for you:

1)      What is your favourite thing to wish on?

2)      What did you try to ‘help things along’ nearing your due date?

-Katrina (Outie)



Note: photo is courtesy of (link in pic) as I have never been able to photograph my ones – they just get eaten too quickly. 😉

1 can reduced cream

I packet onion soup mix

1 cup grated cheese

crushed pineapple – drained (optional)

chopped ham (optional)

cream cheese


(You can vary ingredients list to suit yourself – add chopped herbs/nuts/fruits etc.)

Combine dip mix (reduced cream and onion soup) with grated cheese. Add enough cheese that mixture is really thick. Add drained pineapple and chopped ham to your own preference. Roll into a large moon-ball.

Use a spatula to spread a layer of cream cheese around the outer layer of the cheddar moon.

Roll in finely chopped walnuts to finish.

Serve as a ‘mound’ on a platter or as a moon in a bowl with a selection of dipping vegetables (celery, carrots) and an assortment of crackers.

Now force it on all of your friends! Or, more appropriately, just serve it and watch them give in to it in their own time…

thistle flowers thumb



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