Ten of the Best – Outie Blog Highlights 2013

Here are ten of the best blog posts from Outie for 2013.

Outie: from belly bumps to boo-boos, babies to boobies – we have got you covered.

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1. 10 Ways to Get More Done in a Day (How I trick myself into being more productive)

Some practical tips for achieving things with a baby in tow.

2. The Bump and The Bubble – what to ‘really’ expect with a newborn

A frank list of the ‘less than ideal/real’ side of bringing a new baby home

3. Outie Splat Mats – A True Labour of Love

The labour behind the Splat Mat – behind the scenes insight into the life of a Splat Mat.

4. Are you embarrassed by your bitchy mum skills? Here’s ten ways to become an overnight expert.

A tongue-in-cheek list of how to be/how not to be a ‘bitchy mum’.

5. Fashion Regression and A Quick Fix

Who needs an excuse to dress up? An easy solution.

6. Why are you crying, Baby? A newborn checklist for parents in zombie mode

A fridge printable for the sleep-deprived.

7. Super Mama Go-Go Boobie Balls

My favourite easy no-cook recipe for healthy milk-boosting snack or a morning tea plate for coffee groups.

8. How To Not Be A Dick (Letter to Man Who Was Clearly Being A Dick)

Musing on censorship and children after an awkward encounter with a rude man.

9. So Hot Right Now – Boobs Out For Summer

Some insights into a collaboration project and the new Everything Outie dresses.

10. Poolside nudity and accidental flashes – 12 graceless baby changing remedies

Talking from experience – things to do to make baby changing at the pools less ‘flashy’.

Thanks for following and supporting Outie this year! (And if you don’t follow – hit the follow button!)

Love Katrina (Outie Maternity NZ)

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