“Forget cankles…

“Forget cankles. These are fegs!”

– Anon and heavily pregnant

Sigh. Nothing beats the swelling and fluid retention of late pregnancy. At least we can have fun coming up with new names for the symptoms…

Four ways to tackle the cankle/feg

1. Put your feet up.

2. Give your feet an ice bath.

3. Drink lots of water (the more water your drink – the less fluid you retain).

4. Elevate your legs and lightly massage them in even upward strokes.


* Cankle = merging of calf/ankle area due to weight gain and/or fluid retention

** Feg = mega-merging of the foot/leg to provide a category beyond the cankle


We love to celebrate all of the ‘bumps’ that go with pregnancy.

Love Outie.

http://www.outie.co.nz (the best maternity tees around).







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