Fabric fetish unfurled

I am freshly back from a fabric shopping expedition. I had to cut it short because little Outie was getting grizzly and I was getting hot and a bit puffy (see cankles or fegs post…). I was out shopping for fabric for some specific projects – yet I ended up with some different treasures entirely.


My original shopping list:

Wipe-able floral vinyl to make a folding nappy change pad like this awesome craft project.

Some strong cotton in a man-friendly pattern to make my man his own pouch sling for our new baby. (due any day now)

Some wipe-able fabric to cover our new bassinet mattress.


Needless to say, I did not fulfill very much of this list. But I did realise that I am drawn to certain types of fabrics and colours above all others. And it turns out I have a little obsession with batik. Image

Firstly – I bought these three silk blended beauties to make more Outie Everything Kerchief Dresses with. These were not on my list to buy but I could not leave them there. I LOVE them and can’t wait to sew them up for someone special.

Then I also bought this amazing cotton with a Hawaiian holiday dream scene on it to make my man his pouch sling.Image

Thankfully he loves it. We have been meaning to shop together for this but it is harder than you think finding the time! Now all that is left to do is measure him shoulder to hip, add 10cm, cut the ‘smile curve’ and stitch/double stitche so that he can be a super baby-wearing daddy.

I fell short on the materials needed for the bassinet cover and the diaper change mat craft project. (I will upcycle some shower curtains I think…)

When I got home with another bag of fabric that I was not intending to buy – I realised I really do have a love affair with textiles. (It is not as bad as my Mum’s though!)

I am full of love for my new fabrics and the little trip has brought out the love I have for some of my already made-up fabric friends.

(Clearly, I am in nesting mode).


This was a hand-stitched (and pretty sad) elephant motif blanket I once rescued from an op shop. I bought it for $10 and had it backed with white patterned cotton and quilted to freshen it up and to make sure that all of the detailing is machine-stitched on forever. It is now one of my favourite quilts to give to guests when they come to stay.


Then there is this duvet cover/quilt cover that I once sewed up out of old napkins from Brunei (we used to live there when I was very small). Each one is a slightly different size and I love the way they all slot together a little haphazardly… (I just used an upholstery fabric on the back for durability).


And here is the batik method in action again.

I am clearly drawn to this way of pattern making/dying fabric as there are definitely some similarities with the new Kerchief dress fabrics I bought today and the patterns I have chosen to fill my home with…


This is the ‘welcome to your new house’ quilt my Mum made for us when we built our house three years ago.

Just quietly, I think it is my favourite thing of all time.


So the bassinet still didn’t get the cover I had intended to buy today – but I have made up some new fitted sheets from some lovely quilting fabrics. I will have to dive into my fabric bin and find something suitable for the actual ‘protector’ part later – or I might be able to squeeze one more shopping trip in if my shower curtain idea doesn’t pan out…


Now all that is left to do is wait.

(And stroke some of the new fabric)

And wait some more for our new baby to arrive.

Ooh and check out the heirloom bassinet my grandmother made for my oldest brother in 1975. 11 babies in the family have slept in it so far and it is on latches so that it swings!

My next project is to make a mobile for the new baby… probably out of fabric…like this one maybe.


Thanks for coming along for a little fabric love-up behind the scenes at Outie.



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