Outie Everything Batwing Dress – Pattern Review

laulipop nz

Outie is a fabulous NZ company run by the wonderful Katrina – Making everything for bumps and beyond.

The Everything Batwing Dress was designed for nursing babies (through the sleeve) and then was discovered it covers bumps pretty well too!
This dress was designed by Katrina from Outie and she collaborated with Helen from Uncommon Treads to make this into the paper pattern!

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I myself am not pregnant, nursing and in no way am I planning to be at any time in the near future.
I just loved this dress, the fabric and the fact that it is so versatile is a bonus.

Onto the pattern, I bought this as a DIY kit so it came with everything pattern, fabric and thread. Now you can buy it as just the pattern for $25 from here.

This pattern comes in three sizes S, M and L. I…

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