DIY Construction Cake with Trucks



My son turned two recently and it was cause for a BIG celebration! He loves trucks (his current favourite word) and I wanted to combine his present (a set of ‘truck’ toys) with his cake.

It turned out really well and didn’t take too long. Watching his wee face light up when we gave it to him was worth staying up late the night before to get it all ready for him…


Here is how you can do it too:


1. Buy a collection of small-scale construction toys (this was his present and I bought mine from the Warehouse fro $17.99).

2. Prepare three cake tins in different sizes. I used three circle tins so that I could stack the cakes to make a round hill.

3. Bake three cakes in different tins. I used chocolate brownie for the base, butter cake for the middle layer and double choc cake for the top. This meant that the middle layer was a different colour when we cut into it.

4. Ice bottom cake (or brownie) with chocolate icing. Stack middle-sized butter cake on top. Ice to join gaps. Add final small chocolate cake and ice the whole lot to cover ‘seams’ of cakes to make it look like one ‘hill’.

5. Cut a wedge out of one side (this is the cook’s privilege ‘tasting piece’…). Ice inside of cut so that smarties or m&m’s will stick to the sides of the wedge. This will be your landslide.

6. Fill wedge with smarties or m&m’s to make a ‘landslide’ and make a pile at the bottom.

7. Use dots of icing to secure additional piles of ‘rubble’. Use m&m’s or marshmallows or whatever other lollies might look right in terms of scale.

8. Add construction vehicles. I used a truck to load smarties under the landslide, a digger crane to load the marshmallows to the top of the cake and a digger cutting into the cake on the top around the marshmallow ‘2’. (This was just made with drinking chocolate marshmallows place into icing in a ‘2 shape).

9. Secure vehicles with blobs of icing so that they don’t roll around when you move the cake. (This is important!)

10. Add candles and you are done!


I also used truck stickers to simply decorate paper plates and cups so that the truck theme was carried through. Simple and cost-effective and recyclable at the end. (Winning all round!)

P.S. Some other ideas I had (but didn’t get around to) included:

– Excavating the ‘2’ so that it was a 2-shaped hole.

– Adding ‘grass areas’ with dessicated coconut dyed green

– Loading more cake crumbs into piles for construction toys to be working on


This post was brought to you by the Outie Splat Mat – lessy messy/lessy stressy and perfect for toddlers to eat cake on.





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