You, Me And Price Decreases: The Truth

You, Me And Price Decreases: The Truth



There have been some extravagant cuts made to a lot of Outie’s prices recently. It feels brave but it also feels right.

Last week I was asked what my customers were like. I thought about it and it didn’t take me long to reply. They are actually kind of like me.

It’s this knowledge that I am building some pretty wonderful relationships with other parents and parents-to-be that has given me the courage to make some price cuts to help them out. They have helped me out so far by supporting my little business in its first 18 months, so it’s time for some pay back.

I might make less profit per sale which definitely feels a bit scary, but I’d like to think that I will be helping out more people like me by becoming more affordable.

In my ‘big’ dreams I would love for every woman to wear an Outie tee in pregnancy, a Batwing dress or top for nursing and enjoy using a Splat Mat as much as we enjoyed inventing them and making them.

It’s because every Outie product has come about because we needed it on our parenting journey and because Outie is a result of a kind of a ‘me to mummy-me’ story that makes me feel like it should be every parent’s right to have something from Outie without breaking the bank.

If we had a need and made something to fulfil that need, then surely more parents would need it too? That’s my thinking anyway. I think we are just not that different – you and I.

Am I right about the you-me thing?

You are like me if you:

  • Worry about loss of income as a result of getting pregnant
  • Struggle to keep a perfect house with kids and pets living in it
  • Want to buy things that are super-good quality that will last
  • Like to wear things that are funky yet versatile
  • Like to support small local businesses
  • Like to make green decisions
  • Like Outie
  • Mostly want to have fun


The truth is outie. The prices are cut. The story will continue with more of you to be a part of it.

Thanks for supporting a stay-at-home mummy of two in doing something brave.

Katrina (Outie)

Check out the new prices here:




2 thoughts on “You, Me And Price Decreases: The Truth

  1. Wow Katrina, what a beautiful post! I had to read it twice!

    It’s not often that businesses think so much about their clients…it’s not often people are in business actually for their clients and not for themselves. So this is so beautiful and you are really brave 🙂

  2. This is business done right. You’ve thought about what you need (what makes your soul happy) & you’ve thought about your customers. Perfect 🙂

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