Grumplestiltskin – Can you guess my rage?

Grumplestiltskin – Can you guess my rage?



I am neither spinning gold, nor am I promising my first born to a little impish man.

Bu I am spinning something (my head) because my first born has become something like a little impish man.

He has become a strange little creature indeed. (He is two).


At two, he is not yet verbal even though he knows a lot of nouns.

As a result, we are living a pretty interesting guessing game.


The following is a list (in no particular order) of why he has had a tantrum of late:


He wants the blue spoon.

He has avocado on his hand.

There are no raisins left in the box.

He doesn’t want to go into his car seat.

He wants to sit in his go cart for lunch.

He wants to play in the wood pile with Dad’s axe.

He wants chips.

He doesn’t want chips.

He wants a particular truck but he doesn’t want me to hand it to him.

He wants someone to give him the truck.

He doesn’t want his sister to have cuddles.

He wants to press the eftpos machine buttons.

He wants to put the DVD into the DVD drive himself.

He broke the DVD drive.

He can’t watch a DVD.

He doesn’t want to go to bed.

He is too tired to be awake.

He is hungry.

He is two.


(The picture has been chosen to show off his little imp-teeth to the best advantage).


What are your best tantrum tips?






3 thoughts on “Grumplestiltskin – Can you guess my rage?

  1. Just remember that it will pass. I recall my youngest sounding like we were killing him because we unpeeled the banana a little too much. Just remember you can laugh at them when they have kids & get them back, being a fussy old lady in the retirement home … Well that’s my plan anyway;-)

  2. When I was two I packed a huge tantrum because my feet were cold but I didn’t want my slippers on. Mum was at the end of her tether so tipped a whole bucket of water over me (whilst I was on the lounge floor flailing arms and legs etc….). Shut me up quick smart and never did it again, plus I warned my younger sister about it when she got to that age too, haha. Not sure I recommend it but it worked for Mum!

  3. My first born, who is now 13, used to throw himself backwards on the floor. I couldn’t help laughing at him it was so funny. Leaving them somewhere safe and walking away often worked for us too. My second born didn’t have tantrums as he chose to ignore the word no and carried on regardless.

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