Optimism or nothing: Survival of a modern parent


The following is a list of real-life things that happened in a single day in order to illustrate that focussing on ‘the good’ is vital for survival as a modern parent.

We must not succumb to the bad and the ugly.

Optimism is the only way through.



My toddler learned a new word

I can fit my jeans again

My baby is rolling

I managed to make and drink a coffee while it was still hot

We had fun with bubbles and water outside

We successfully completed an errand without too many major dramas

I am getting better at reading my toddler’s tired signs

I went for a bush walk with both children and avoided ‘terror hour’

My dogs are enthusiastic with their ‘hand’ trick

My babies went to bed on time and without fuss

I had takeaways for dinner with a glass of wine

I was inspired to write this blog

I went to bed early




My toddler has started to hit me during tantrums

I don’t have enough time to exercise like I could with one child

My baby is not sleeping through

I can’t go to cafes easily on my own anymore

The house is messy

My errand outing was difficult to fit in around nap times

My toddler had an over-tired tantrum

I have sore shoulders and a new blister

My dog clawed my leg

I burned dinner whilst trying to multi-task getting children ready for bed

I drank bad wine

I am tired


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Image credit: the organicprepper.ca


6 thoughts on “Optimism or nothing: Survival of a modern parent

  1. and it often continues as it starts. Having fighting starting before school as it does in our house right now makes it hard to be an optimist but I try to snatch happy moments.

    • I agree – once the clouds roll in, it’s hard to see past them. Of course everyone has bad days that are worse than others but seeing the sun-shiney bits in between is just so important…

  2. Dear,
    The Optimist (= 1/2 Full),
    The Pessimist (= 1/2 Empty),
    The Realist (= Full Full)
    Whilst you were arguing I drank the water.
    Lots of love
    The Opportunist 🙂

  3. It is all about perception isn’t it, I try to focus on the positives, but I think we all have days where the bad overwhelms us, as long as they are the minority then it’s all ok.

  4. Ah this is a really nice perspective! I am really going to focus more on the positive side of everything this week!

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