Mummy Needs Time Out: A Confession

Mummy Needs Time Out: A Confession



It is 6:30 am. I have already been up for two and a half hours. My coffee is cold, I have vomit on my shoulder and there is jam all over the kitchen.

Little mister two is back in bed and protesting. It was his idea to be up so early and to wake me and the baby up and insist on breakfast… and now he can’t handle being awake, is overtired and stroppy and consequently has been put back in bed in the hope that he rests – or at least has some ‘time out’ (because raining kicks on mummy just because you are tired is not fun…)

I read somewhere that ‘time out’ in a disciplinary sense should be a minute for every year of your child’s age. This means that mister two should get two minutes to think about his actions although I am hoping he will fall asleep for a much-needed refresher nap…

So, in the two minutes he gets to test out my sleep theory (it’s quiet now – this is a good sign), here is my two cents worth:

Mummy wants time out too. I am 33. I should get 33 minutes in a fair world. (I haven’t been naughty but I want it all the same).

No, he is up again. That was five minutes.

Not fair.


Over and Outie.

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6 thoughts on “Mummy Needs Time Out: A Confession

  1. when my girls were younger and miss behaving sometimes I found it much easier to say mummy is disappointing in you, so I am going to time out and when I come out I want you to be happy. would shut myself in my bedroom, lock the door and eat chocolate! sometimes they would pound on the door screaming but more often then not they would just wander off to their room and play nicely again!

  2. Bless you. Be strong,…this time of understanding ones own levels of sleep requirement will sync…until his a pre teen & will want to stay up late, just because his friends do;-)

  3. All mother’s have been there, however I’m a hard Mother. I wouldn’t have let mine come out of bed at 4am and I would have fought the battle over that. I’d still be just as tired & grumpy and in need of time out. Mine are now a teen & tween and we’re fighting new battles.

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