Emergency Boob! Holy Style and Convenience, Batman!

Emergency Boob! Holy Style and Convenience, Batman!

Yesterday I had a ‘boob emergency’.
After a successful grocery shopping trip with the whole family ,we were on our way home again in the car.
My baby started crying. I looked at the clock. ‘Surely she shouldn’t be hungry yet?’
But she was hungry.
Really hungry. (Are babies ever ‘a little’ hungry?)
This looks like a job for the Everything Batwing!
We pulled over into a busy car park. I unbuckled my baby from her car seat and I fed her in the front seat of the car. There were lots of people around but none of them saw anything. They saw a woman feeding her baby – but there were no embarrassing ‘flashes’ (a nursing mother’s nightmare!).
The emergency boob crisis was averted.
A quick burp, buckle-up back in her car seat and we were on our way again.
Love Outie.co.nz
(Everything we do is because we are parents like you)


2 thoughts on “Emergency Boob! Holy Style and Convenience, Batman!

  1. Had an experience of stuck in non moving traffic for 10 hours with in-laws and BF 5 month old. Lets just say my in-laws have seen a lot more of me then I would have ever liked them too!

  2. I used to be careful covering myself up when feeding, but having breastfed four children, and I worked out the other day, as I tandem fed with all three of my youngest, I’ve been breastfeeding/lactating now for over 5 1/2 years without a break, I just whip them out now.

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