Mauled by Mastiffs and Barely a Scratch

Mauled by Mastiffs and Barely a Scratch

I was distracted in the kitchen when I heard a ruckus yesterday.

The dogs were excited about something but I was busy tending to the dinner needs of my toddler. When I turned to start serving my little boy his dinner, I noticed that the Splat Mat from under his high chair was missing.

It wasn’t on the deck (where we often clean it with the hose), it wasn’t hanging on the rail (where we dry it). In fact, it was nowhere to be seen.

Puzzled, I fed my boy sans Splat Mat (a very brave endeavour), slid on some jandals and went for a Splat Mat hunt in the backyard.

I found it forlorn.

It was lying in mud, covered in claw and paw marks and looking very sorry for itself. The dogs, by contrast, looked rather pleased with themselves.

This story is a happy one though – The Splat Mat survived and, after a thorough scrub with a soapy mop, it has only got a few scratches. There is a bit of mud still hiding in the seam that will come out with the next clean, but it survived much better than I would have expected.

It only has a couple of scratches! (I guess everyone needs some scars to prompt stories to wow the grandkids…)

The moral of the story? Outie Splat Mats are made from very tough stuff and can survive being chewed by our very large dogs.

Are they dog proof? Yes.

Are they dog friendly? Yes.

Are they virtually indestructible? Apparently, yes.


Here’s the evidence:

1. The mauling.


2. The mopping.


(Ignore the milk bottle – that was there to keep my two year old happy while I cleaned it – it was filled with chick peas for a fun rattle toy)

3. The naughty fur babies.


4. Back in business in a jiffy.


Love Outie.

P.S Mention this blog post when you order a Splat Mat (more will be uploaded later today!) and I will throw in a free Baby on Board sticker of your choice. This includes the fur baby on board sticker! Because, as you can probably tell, we love fur babies too.



P.P.S – Please VOTE for us. We have been nominated for the Best Parenting Blog in The Baby View Best in Home Business Awards!








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