12 Memorable Parenting Disaster Moments

12 Memorable Parenting Disaster Moments

I probably haven’t told anyone about all of these yet they deserve to be remembered and ‘treasured’ in a ‘whoa, that was a steep learning curve’ kind of way. This ‘real life baby’ memory trip is in response to the ugly volvo’s blog about what a baby book should ‘really’ record in terms of Baby Milestones.

Here are a dozen moments that didn’t make it to my son’s baby book.

(In no particular order, this is an ode to the little mister who is now two).



  1. The time you nearly fell out of my pouch sling when I bent down in the bush to pick up an interesting leaf.
  2. The time I cried more than you when you got your first shots.
  3. The time I smooshed your newborn face into the handle of the baby carrier accidentally in front of the doctor because I didn’t know that the handle could be put down.
  4. The time you made a ‘brown crayon’ and drew with it in the bath.
  5. The time you choked on a dried apricot that had somehow been left in your car seat.
  6. The time I swore with some very snaggly child-unfriendly words in front of you because your teeth were embedded in my arm.
  7. The time(s) we both cried and cried because I couldn’t console you.
  8. The night terrors.
  9. The time I bit my own lip (literally) because you bit my finger while I was applying teething jelly (and I didn’t want to repeat the swearing incident).
  10. The time you had a vomit avalanche I couldn’t contain and I stupidly spread it all over the house by pacing in a panic around the house.
  11. The time the air pressure changed in the car and I worked out that you had opened the rear passenger car door while I was driving on the highway.
  12. Your first public tantrum that sent my glasses flying and made your sister cry because you kicked us both in your rage.



Ah babies. We do love them so.
Love Outie.


Outie: We do messy parenting good.



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