My last five purchases: Psychoanalysis 101

What do your last five purchases say about you?

The last five things I bought: What the psychologists would say

I sometimes worry that the bank knows too much about me based on what I buy.

I don’t often share my personal purchases with others; although when people come over I am prone to doing a bit of Show and Tell…

So here’s my own psychoanalysis based on the last five things I bought as a virtual show and tell.


  1. Tom Selleck framed portrait for my studio

Tom Selleck - replaceface Framed Art Print

My studio is getting a bit of a makeover. I am spending all of my children’s nap times either on the computer or at my sewing machine running Outie and so I am currently working on an ‘inspiration wall’ of cool images to keep me going.

For some reason, I feel that Tom Selleck as Napoleon by replaceface will keep me going. (??)

This probably says that deep down I am an eighties kid and that I have a strong sense of nostalgia. It probably also says that I like men with facial hair which the experts would tell me means I like men with more testosterone. That means I like a dominant man which means I like to be able to give up a little bit of control in my life to someone who has earned it. That also means that I like to be in control. (I could go on, but I won’t.)

It might also just mean that I like Tom Selleck.


  1. Button Cloud Coffee Cup

This purchase is one of my own designs printed on a coffee cup. I like coffee and I love this new design.Image

This could be one of two things – either I am narcissistic and I want to buy my own stuff, or I genuinely like my own stuff and the fact that I designed it is arbitrary.

Either way, the button cloud/rainbow design gives me the warm fuzzies in all forms. (I originally designed it for printing on organic cotton to back with bright merino for a new range I will be launching soon). Stay tuned.

It might also mean that I have a deep-rooted love of care-bear type imagery. Again, I am an eighties child and I have a strong sense of nostalgia. (P.S – I loaded this design in to Society6 so you can get one too if you like x)


  1. Brown paper and permanent markers

This is definitely a ‘utility’ purchase. This kind of purchase shows that I am environmentally sensitive and don’t want to buy plastic. It might also show that I am prone to leaving my mark on the world. Or it might just be packaging.

It tells the bank that I am packaging lots of Splat Mats and this also shows that I am fanatical about recycling. (Read more about Splat Mats here)


  1. Comfy Bebe three in one swaddle and merino pyjamas

This is definitely a sign that I am a concerned parent who wants to spend money ‘cleverly’. Merino is a super fibre (don’t get me started – you should see the tech specs that I get from the manufacturers – it is an amazing fabric and is excellent for keeping babies cool and warm at the same time) and the three in one swaddle means that I can swaddle my baby and use it as a sleep sack later. This purchase shows that I am interested in quality, like supporting nz made products and also that I am a parent who is worried about keeping her children warm at night. (Is it just me, or do you check your children several times at night to make sure they are warm and covered?!) This purchase also shows that I love bright colours as the one I bought is in mandarin. Not the pink one as per the photo. I am a bit sick of pink (just quietly).

The merino pyjamas show that I am a determined parent who will not let my Houdini two year old foil me in my efforts to keep him warm. He may be able to escape a sleeping bag and kick off the covers, but I dare him to be cold in these little snugglies.

My choice of cobalt blue and red show that I secretly want him to grow up to be Superman and strengthen any psychoanalysis that says that I tend towards the nostalgic as this colour combination seems to be a bit retro. Or is is just me?


  1. Yellow merino fabric

I like bright colours so this shows that I have a tendency towards optimism. This fabric is to go on the back of the button cloud rainbow fabric that is on order. In the meantime I have made a yellow blankie for my daughter to keep her snuggly in the car. It is fine enough that I can hang it over her capsule to keep the sun out of her arms and I love the colour. It is also a plain light weight yet warm swaddle for her and I love dressing her in yellow.



My choice of merino also shows that I am an informed parent who wants to dress her children in the most natural fibre choices possible. The fact that I bought fabric (again) shows that I have a healthy addiction to textiles.The bank must think I live on a mountain of fabric and I kind of do.


What I didn’t buy

All of the above are also indications that I didn’t spend money on other things. Things still on ‘the list’ include new jeans and new birkenstocks for me (I have an addiction to Birki jandals…)  I also need new running shoes because mine have a hard bit in the back that have been giving me blisters when I walk (annoying!).

This ‘put others before thyself’ purchasing power shows that I put my business/workspace and children above my own fashion requirements as a priority. (I think this makes me a good mum – but it might also make me a martyr. I’m undecided).

My choice of shopping locations shows that I like to support other artists and other small new zealand businesses but overall my analysis reveals that I am strongly nostalgic and focus most of my attention on my children above myself.



 What do your last five purchases say about you?


P.S. Please make sure you VOTE for Outie for Best Parenting Blog in The Baby View Best in Home Business Awards. X



4 thoughts on “My last five purchases: Psychoanalysis 101

  1. Last 5 (non weekly shop) purchases; 1) Domain Names…Landing pages for a kick ass event I’m hosting in Jan 2) 4 year olds birthday gift 3) Easter Eggs 4) Work cloths for my hubby (he doesn’t do shopping) 5) Kettle bell – aiming to getting fighting fit 🙂

  2. My last purchase, apart from food, was jewellery for me and the one before that clothing for me. Of course it could have been shopping to replace the lost and grown out of pieces of school uniform but my excuse is that the website was down. Damn.

  3. My last 5 purchases were

    1. Shoes and cardigan for my daughter
    2. A tshirt and greenstone pendant for my brother
    3 . A cd for my dad
    4. Boxers for my bf
    5. Two purple cloth nappies for my daughter

  4. Last five non-food purchases:
    1. Balloons and similar for daughters Birthday
    2. Musical jewellery box and other gifts for same
    3. NZ made mug for sister in law and brother in laws birthday
    4. DVD
    5. Easter eggs for children
    I think mine just show that I have lots of birthdays to buy for in April

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