Baby Shower Bliss Kit – 6 Easy Activities for a beautiful baby shower

Baby Shower Bliss Kit


6 things you can do to have a fabulous baby shower


Baby showers can be really fun – here’s a quick list of activities that you can do to make a Baby Shower a bit (more) special.


Baby on Board sticker

Stick an Outie Baby on Board sticker to the Mama-to-be’s car window and park it outside the venue of the Baby Shower. Use pink or blue coloured post-it notes to add each guest’s predicted birth date and gender of the baby to the window for passer’s by to see.

Pink or Blue for you?

Manicure/Pedicure – Buy baby blue or baby pink nail polish and hire a nail technician for the party. Every guest can have a little bit of pampering while they are there and they have something to take away with them.

If you don’t know what the gender of the baby is, then guests can choose the colour they think the mama to be is having.

Gene fishing

Print out inherited characteristic onto small cards. Some ideas might be ‘blue eyes’, ‘long legs’, ‘dry sense of humour’, ‘excellent navigational ability’, ‘straight hair’ etc. You can be as silly as you like with the cards. Attach each of them to a metal paperclip and scatter them across the floor. Give the mama to be a stick with a string and magnet on the end, blindfold her nicely and she can fish for what her child will inherit.

Name my baby letter/lolly scramble

Print a range of alphabet letters onto the side of wrapped lollies. Make sure you have enough to go around (at least three letters per person). Throw the lollies on the ground and the guests have to try to make a name with the letters they pick up.

Wishing seeds

Buy a packet of wildflower seeds (or any other similar seeds you would like to grow) and wrap a small sample in tissue. Give a square of note paper to the guests to write wishes for the baby onto and plant them in the garden or in a decorated special flower pot. This can be ceremoniously planted with each guest saying their wish out loud before planting their seeds.

Make a rainbow

Make a rainbow button keepsake card. Allocate button colours to guests before they arrive (you bring yellow, you bring blue etc.) and then glue the buttons in a rainbow shape onto a large card. Guest can then write their words of wisdom/snippets of baby advice around it.


And if you are stuck on Baby Shower gifts – here’s an easy Outie reference:


Dandelion Merino/Organic Cotton Baby Blanket (also coming soon in the Rainbow Button print! Check out the new print!)




Trinity Nursing Wrap


Rainbow Button Cloud Nursery Print (or other nursery prints)

Rainbow Button Cloud Art Print

Outie Maternity Tees

Love Bomb Maternity and Beyond Tee



What was the best thing you did at your baby shower?

Love Outie.


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