Lost Sense: Part Present/Part Parent




Lost sense – part past, part present and part parent. 


I read somewhere recently that humans spend 50% of their mental activity on something else other than what they are currently doing. Add the attention that children require and baby brain to that statistic; and I think 90% of ‘elsewhereness’ would not be far wrong.

Is it just me or do the needs of children interrupt so often that sometimes all sense can be lost?

A snippet from a recent phone conversation:

Me: …And then my man came home to me still in my pjs and said…
yes you are a clever monster
No I have had enough tea thanks.
No don’t eat the sand.
He only just arrived home from work and I’d had a chaotic day.
He said…
That’s hot. Those are mummy’s. I’ll give you some in a second.

Phone friend: So what did he say exactly?

Me: I can’t remember.

Outie: we are your specialists for baby bumps and baby brains





2 thoughts on “Lost Sense: Part Present/Part Parent

  1. It’s why we women are good at multi-tasking though, most men would get lost in the trying to follow what’s going on when you’re dealing with kids 😉

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