This is what childhood is about: Simple little things to do

This is what childhood is about: Simple little things to do


Watching my son lick the mixing bowl for the first time recently made me think, ‘this is what childhood is about.’

It made me think – what else should be on the list?

Here’s a few to start with but please add your own as a comment. How many can we come up with?


  1. Pick flowers for someone special
  2. Make bran muffins*
  3. Make card houses
  4. Thread wooden cotton reels onto elastic as necklaces
  5. Blow bubbles with straws in cups filled with dish detergent and water
  6. Bake lemon meringue pie from scratch
  7. Whizz your own ‘super vege’ soup made from ‘everything’ in the garden
  8. Pick flowers
  9. Press flowers
  10. Pick fruit
  11. Stew fruit
  12. Bake
  13. Lick the mixing bowl after baking
  14. Build sand castles
  15. Go puddle splashing
  16. Make a cushion fort
  17. Make a tree hut
  18. Make wishes on dandelions
  19. Test ‘butter liking’ with buttercup reflections
  20. Make a box car for toys
  21. Knit
  22. Crochet
  23. Make your own French knitting reel
  24. Play marbles
  25. Play knucklebones
  26. Skip
  27. Learn and tie knots
  28. Dress up in clothes that are too big
  29. Make butter
  30. Play hopscotch
  31. Draw on concrete with chalk
  32. Collect stones
  33. Rescue worms in the rain
  34. Bake bread
  35. Paddle in the sea
  36. Watch clouds
  37. Fly a kite
  38. Host a teddy bear’s picnic
  39. Make paper planes
  40. Eat candyfloss
  41. Collect buttons
  42. Feed the ducks
  43. Climb trees
  44. Have raindrop races on a window
  45. Walk barefoot in the mud
  46. Throw stones in puddles
  47. Skim rocks
  48. Make pom poms
  49. Rollerskate
  50. Play in an old car
  51. Ride a tractor
  52. Make cards
  53. Play tiddlywinks
  54.  Your turn

 * A lot of things on this list are indebted to my late grandmother who never met my children, but who still plays with them every day through my memory.

Outie: simple is better


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Love Katrina (Outie)





One thought on “This is what childhood is about: Simple little things to do

  1. When I was little my mum and I would scribble on a piece of paper, and then fill in all the little spaces with different colours. when my little brother was born I took a scribbled paper and some pens to the hospital when we visited so that she could do it with me.
    I can still smell the new pen and feel the smooth table top beneath my arms. It is winter outside and I am wearing leggings. My mother has on her pink tracksuit. She smiles at me warmly. She has beautiful blue eyes.

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