Nursing/Talking/Hiding/Gawking – Solutions to Breastfeeding in Public or How to Take A Picture of Something You Can’t See


Solutions to breastfeeding in public or how to take a picture of something you can’t see


A little vignette:

Today I fed my baby in public and my friend said, ‘You should video that’.

‘Why would I want to film this?’ I asked.

‘Because those dresses make it so easy and you can’t really tell from the photos on your website.’



I love getting suggestions for improvement – but in order for me to rise to this challenge, I will need an assistant…

I currently don’t have one and I have to confess that normally feeding times are pretty busy… so I will return to this idea another day.

So instead, I took some selfies while feeding my daughter just now (it’s amazing the multitasking that goes on while breastfeeding…) so that you can see how the dress works.



So what are you looking at?

In this series of shots you are looking at me breastfeeding in an Everything Batwing dress. I have a purple tank on underneath and you will see that no matter which way I point my camera, you can’t really see anything.

I think that was what my friend wanted me to show (the fact that there is nothing to see).

ImageNothing to see here…Image

Nothing to see here either..


So I guess it’s what you can’t see that is great about my Everything Batwing dresses because feeding through the sleeve means that you don’t need a muslin or a cover and you don’t have to hide away when feeding in public. You can do it while talking or even while walking… and you probably won’t get any gawking because there isn’t anything to see. That means you can just concentrate on feeding and the feeding in public issue is not really an issue. If you are crafty, you can even buy the pattern.

And for the days that your Everything Batwing is in the wash, try a Trinity Nursing Wrap because they are pretty darned useful and easy too (and check out the new Kowhai Hearts fabric I designed!). We like easy (wear as a loop scarf, doubled as a scarf/neck warmer or open out for discretion when feeding).



Thanks for stopping by.

Mucho Aroha

Love Outie.







3 thoughts on “Nursing/Talking/Hiding/Gawking – Solutions to Breastfeeding in Public or How to Take A Picture of Something You Can’t See

  1. I used to feed my boys in public wearing big floppy Tshirts that they could fit inside too. It would have been so much nicer to be able to go out in a pretty dress.

  2. What an awesome article 🙂 They look wonderful and really easy to breastfeed with. Will be getting new mums these for presents from now on 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  3. Lovely dress, I personally don’t think you need to cover up when feeding, but it’s great to see a stylish option for those who want to. 🙂

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