You seem familiar? Quick-fire facts from behind the scenes of Outie.


Ever wondered who is running the show behind the scenes of Outie? We have a lot of new followers and lots of you probably don’t even know who the ‘we’ of Outie is – and that the ‘we’ is actually just me.

This photo was taken a while ago but I love it. So there.

It’s the best one yet because it shows us outside in the lovely golden light just before sunset and I am sitting on the bright yellow patterned raincoat my Mum made me and it wasn’t long after this photo that we were expecting again. I also like how our gumboots are in the shot. It’s nothing glamorous but it’s pretty glorious.

I’m Katrina. I started Outie kind of by accident when I made my own pregnancy tee shirts. I just wanted to share some of the cool stuff I was making and make a little bit of money so that I could stay at home with my babies. It has grown into something much more than that. It is a really fun little adventure I am proud to be part of.

Everything that Outie makes is stuff that we have needed and that I have made for myself – and I’ve just made a few more so that you can benefit too. X

So here are a few quick things about me so that we can get to know each other better:

I have a son who is two and a daughter who is four months old.

I used to be a secondary school teacher.

I love drawing.

I have a thing for buttons.

I am a dog person.

I speak German.

I love singing.

I don’t believe in ironing.

I like wearing beanies and head scarves.

My favourite time of the year is Autumn.

I like inventing things.

I have three big brothers.

I kept my late Grandmother’s shoes and can fit them.

I’m short but am a surprisingly good sprinter.

I love writing.

I have a secret addiction to peanut m&ms.

I used to be blonde but pregnancy turned me into a brunette.

I still sew on the sewing machine given to me for my sixteenth birthday.

My favourite vegetable is broccoli.

I love making things.

I was vegetarian for seven years and fell off the wagon.

I love hot food.


I love being a mum and make it my daily mantra to have more fun.


Your turn! Who are you? Tell me three things about you!



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