Maternity Clothes and Maternity Woes – Cautionary Advice Worth Reading

Maternity clothes and maternity woes – cautionary advice worth reading:


For my bmi the recommended weight gain for both of my pregnancies was 13kg.

My first boy weighed in at 9lb, 1oz and was quite a big baby for my super-tall (ahem!) 5 foot one stature. In that pregnancy I put on 30kgs.

In between pregnancies I ran and I lost all of it (plus some more oh yeah!) and shrank back to a nice healthy weight.

But then round two happened.

My midwife warned me about weight gain with my second pregnancy. She looked at the apparently shocking weight gain from my first and gave me some pretty stern dietary advice. I really didn’t want another C-section so I ate well and walked or cycled every day to minimise weight gain.

BUT (despite my best efforts) I still put on another 30kgs with my second pregnancy. (?!)

My fitness was great and it turns out this is just what my body does. It stores up nutrients and retains a lot of fluid when pregnant. C’est la vie.

My point is, I know what it is like to need good quality stretchy and comfortable clothing. I also know that when you buy maternity clothing, you need it to look good on you from little lump stage to massive bump stage (and you even need it to dress up the weird lumps that stick around for a while afterwards).

And this is why I started making Outie clothes – to tackle/battle some of the woes of buying maternity clothes.


Woe one: Weight gain

Outie belly bump tees are made from a blend of 50/50 cotton and modal fabric so the tees stretch really nicely. To give you an idea – I wore a size S right to the end of my pregnancy and I still have the same t-shirt now. I wear it loose as a night shirt and I love how it hasn’t lost its shape despite the fact that it was moulded to a mega-belly and now has very little (well just a little bit) to cling to. The wider cut also means that it doesn’t cling to my post-baby ‘still working on it’ tummy that I would rather keep hidden…


Woe two: Water retention/puffiness

One of the weirdest things about pregnancy is how much fluid your body can store. My arms went kind of puffy and I lost the definition in my jaw line which I hated.

Outie belly-bump tees have a longer sleeve length so that if your arms do get a bit bigger, you won’t be embarrassed by them squidging out the bottom of a tight sleeve hem. The length is a flattering cut so that the eye is drawn to your delicious round belly and not to the roundness of your other bits.

The lower scoop neck is also a more flattering cut for a less-defined jawline as it accentuates your chest and collar bone area over the potential roundness of your face. (Is it just me, or is that kind of important?)


Woe three: Sensitive skin

I was always playing with my belly when pregnant and I often used it as resting spot for my hands. I loved to rub it proudly and to feel my babies kicking and gently prod and push them back.

An unexpected side effect of having the skin on your stomach stretch so much though is that it is actually really sensitive. This is where, if you were here, I would simply pass you a tee-shirt and you could just make a ‘oooh lovely and soft’ ‘aah’ kind of sound.

Outie tees are super-soft because you should enjoy wearing them – even with sensitive skin.


Woe four: lack of sensation

Something I hadn’t expected (and no one had told me about!) was that my stretched belly would also suffer from a numb spot or spots. If I wore a regular length tee, it would ride up and my belly would be exposed to the elements – but even on a windy cold day with my belly turning pink from exposure I couldn’t feel it.

So Outie tees are a longer than standard length in order to bridge the gap between top and pant/bottom.


Woe five: woe is me

Pregnancy should be fun. Full stop.

But I know that some of the symptoms can really weigh you down (literally). This is really why Outie maternity tees are in a range of such fun designs. They are a celebration of pregnancy!



The ‘little tummy windows’ to choose from include an angel one, a farting one (didn’t you notice? That’s my man’s humour coming through…), some patriotic ones, a sentimental one, a ‘I’m about to explode’ one, a punny one and more…



One mum even said that my tee helped her get through her pregnancy because it was something fun to wear even though her pregnancy wasn’t so much. I think that’s pretty cool, don’t you?


Woe six: not really a woe and more of a ‘woah’

Pregnancy can do weird things to your boobs and can cause some cleavage calamity… the scoop neck shape helps you to highlight your assets. Nuff said.

It’s worth a mention too that if you do decide to keep wearing your tee (add a ‘born date’ or wear as a night shirt) the tees retain their shape despite a lot of tugging during nursing. You can pull it down to feed in and it won’t bag out.


(The above photo is courtesy of one of our lovely Outie mummies who told us this is her favourite tee even after pregnancy!)


My vote is biased but I give Outie maternity tees a full five stars for covering the lumps/bumps and frump-grumps of pregnancy.



Outie: tried and true by a mummy like you.


Love Outie.



P.S. Mention this blog post for $5 off a Belly Bump tee of your choice. X






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