Baby Basics For When We Forget – Signs to Look For When Your Baby Is Crying

Because sometimes, when they are ‘still crying’ it’s hard to think straight huh?


 Hungry: Listen for the nge sound – baby’s tongue will come forward and it will make a NNN sound between cries.

Thirsty: similar to being hungry – baby just wants boob (or bottle).

Bored: give baby some cuddles and some attention, switch up baby’s toys or view/position and see if baby is still upset.

Tired: baby might be staring or look a bit vacant, baby might yawn, baby’s cry will be round (like Waao Wao Wao kind of like a yawn), they might rub their eyes or pull at their hair, baby might turn head to the side, eye brows might be red.

Overstimulated: baby will turn away from the action, baby seems difficult to please.

Uncomfortable: Baby might squirm and make a Heh sound. They might be cold or hot or windy.

Wet Nappy: similar to uncomfortable (check nappy it will feel full). Change nappy.

Dirty Nappy: similar to wet/uncomfortable. Check nappy – baby might need some cream on their bottom or some nappy free time if they have nappy rash. Change nappy.

Hot: Feel the back of baby’s neck by putting two fingers down back of top. Baby should be warm but not sweaty. If baby is sweaty, take a layer off or move them to a cooler environment.

Windy: Baby might make an ‘eh’ grunty sound. Their tummy might be tight. You could lift baby’s legs so that they are in a squatting position to help them pass wind. You could rub their tummy in a clockwise motion to help them digest. You could put them upright and rub their back to burp them to ease their discomfort.

Cold: Feel the back of baby’s neck inside clothes. If baby is cold you need to put more clothes on them or put them in a warmer environment.

Teething: Baby might be drooling a lot and putting hands in mouth. Baby might have red cheeks and an upset tummy too. You could give them something cold to chew on or use teething powder or teething gel.

Over-tired: Baby might seem inconsolable. Try swaddling them, letting them suck on a dummy, rolling them on their side and rocking them while making a loud SSSSSHH sound to try to reset them and help them settle (5 S’s – Dr Harvey Karp’s technique).


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