Everyone Else is Coping So Why Can’t I?

Everyone else is coping, so why can’t I? Here is a collection of small truths to make your life brighter.



The problem with noticing how awesome everyone else is, is that you often overlook the little bits of awesome that you are already doing.

Small truths that will help if you are feeling a little low:


Truth: Other people’s negativity is not your problem

Truth: Highlight reels (like facebook) are not real

Truth: Comparison is the thief of all happiness

Truth: Pain is part of growth

Truth: Positivity is a choice you can make every day

Truth: Every little thing counts towards something greater

Truth: Every small struggle is a big step forward

Truth: Your heart can and will endure great things

Truth: There is always something to be thankful for

Truth: There are good and bad chapters to every good story.

Truth: Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them. (P.J. O’Rourke)


Love Katrina (I like buttons. They make me happy.)

Outie – A bit more fun

No one said parenting is a walk in the park (yet walking in a park might help too)


2 thoughts on “Everyone Else is Coping So Why Can’t I?

  1. I would like to add another point to the above – No one ever regretted getting out of bed in the morning. As a night owl, this is something to which I can testify!

    And, of course, chocolate and wine make everything better.

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