Houdini Baby? Keep Calm and Swaddle On

My baby is a Houdini.

She settles best when she is swaddled but we have had real problems with her hands getting out when we swaddle her with standard muslin and stretch swaddle blankets. With her hands out, she scratches her face, knocks her dummy out and generally becomes distressed until I re-swaddle her.

This ends up being a bit dramatic in the middle of the night…

She is also a ‘warm baby’. She doesn’t like her feet being covered (at all!) and I worry about her overheating if I put her in a Sleep Sack AND swaddle her with a blanket…


I went into my studio hunting for a solution. And I came up with this. X

The Outie Snuggle Shrug TM – designed by Katrina Ward (me).


Step One: Lay your Outie Snuggle Shrug flat




Step Two: Position your baby so that their neck is at the bottom of the horse shoe shape. It should look like your little angel has ‘wings’.




Step Three: Fold one wing down over your baby’s arm and under their back to make a shrug. Pull it firmly through on the other side. This prevents the Shrug from shifting if you have a Houdini baby.




Step Four: Fold the other ‘wing’ down and under baby and pull firmly as before.





Step Five: Fold the Snuggle Shrug’s shorter arm over baby’s arm and wrap across body. You can choose to either tuck it behind baby’s back or leave the end loose to tie in the next step.




Step Six: Fold longer length of Shrug over baby’s arm. Pull across body and wrap around back firmly.




Step Seven: Pull end around and either tie to first end in a simple knot OR if first end is tucked, simply tuck second end in over middle v-shape made from fabric of Snuggle Shrug on baby’s front.




Step Eight: Tuck loose ends in securely. Tickle test and put baby down for a nap.





How do I wean off swaddling? You can simply leave one arm out at steps five or six so that the fabric wraps under the arm rather than over the arm.

Can I wrap with arms by the side? Yes. Leave baby’s arm down as you wrap the arms of the Snuggle Shrug across.

Can I use this with a Sleep Sack? Yes. The Outie Snuggle Shrug is designed to be used with a Sleep Sack so that you can get more use out of one. You can also happily use the Snuggle Shrug without a sleep sack in warmer months.

What if my baby is rolling? If your baby is rolling, it is safest to swaddle with one arm out.

What is the Outie Snuggle Shrug made from? You can choose from either 100%cotton (like the printed one in the pics) or you can choose 100% merino. Both of these fabric options are breathable and merino is a great baby sleep fabric option because it helps baby regulate their own temperature.There are lots of benefits to dressing your baby in merino which I have listed on the merino Outie Snuggle Shrug shop listing.

Where can I get an Outie Snuggle Shrug? From our website!

Do you ship Internationally? Yes we do. Please send me an email (sales@outie.co.nz) so that I can send you a personal invoice with shipping for your country included.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Katrina

Outie: we make parenting more fun


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