Signs you are a Bad Mother: Unpacking the symbolism of odd socks

Recently I was tempted to confess to strangers that my son had odd socks on – just in case he kicked off his gumboots to reveal my terrible parenting.

Why did I care? They were just odd socks, right?

But somehow odd socks made me feel like I was failing.

But, when I thought about it a little more, it meant something very different.


This mother is behind on laundry

This mother has a washing machine that eats socks

This mother miraculously managed to find two socks

This mother cares that her child has warm feet even if dressing the feet in odd socks

This mother doesn’t care about having perfectly dressed children

This mother recognises that parenting and perfection don’t go hand in hand

This mother knows that even the most well-heeled women often hide odd or silly socks under their knee high leather boots

This mother had fun sock hunting with her two year old

This mother priorities fun over chores like washing

This mother wears odd socks too to make it a game

This mother shows her children that little things aren’t worth getting upset over

This mother has better things to do than care about odd socks


Maybe dad dressed the baby (an incredibly useful out clause if peer pressure does get to you).


(Photo credit – my two year old. Installment one of ‘Big Blurry Nothing’ – a photography portfolio)


Love Outie

(We make fun stuff for fun parents).



One thought on “Signs you are a Bad Mother: Unpacking the symbolism of odd socks

  1. This all sounds very reasonable. It’s funny how these attacks of parent guilt can strike, but then when you think about them they don’t seem worth it.

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