Every way is the right way around for once

I have been thinking about my Art School days a lot recently. We learned a certain way of thinking that pushed us, as artists, to revisit an idea from every angle until we were happy with an outcome. The same applies to critique of objects and aesthetics, that it takes a few angles and changes in perspective to truly appreciate an idea and/or form.

I didn’t really see that certain forms that I was interested in all those years ago have been repeating themselves in ways that I hadn’t noticed. It seems it just takes time to work an idea out in order to bring it around full circle.

In my paintings I have been obsessed with circles. I have used them to frame portraits and looked at them as symbols of halos and suns and holes in the atmosphere of painted worlds. In my business, I love putting images into round shapes , framing them within circles. My series of t-shirts was always inspired by the round bump of pregnancy. Similarly, my favourite shape for my Splat Mats has always been the circle. Some argue that a square is more functional as a messy mat under the high chair, but I just love the aesthetics of a circle because it can never look crooked and it seems to frame the designs better (I reckon anyway).

And recently I was thinking about circles and the way they keep repeating in  the things that I make and do and I was looking at my Snuggle Shrugs and I was admiring how there are no corners and how the shapes of the pattern pieces are all round…

And the idea just hit me in the face.

I am not sure why I haven’t thought of this before, but it makes perfect (circle) sense.

Introducing ROUND merino swaddle blankets.

The benefits:

  • there is no right way around
  • they look perfect when laid out flat on the floor
  • they are like a coloured ‘spot light’ to show off your baby
  • they can be folded along any edge to be used like a conventional swaddle blanket
  • they can drape over car seats as a shade and there are no corners to drag on the floor
  • they are large for a swaddle blanket so their utility is enhanced
  • they are now more like a real-life baby burrito
  • they are the perfect accompaniment to the 120cm round Splat Mat (which provides a super-durable and waterproof backing underneath)
  • they are just better all round


I know it seems like these are ‘just a blanket’ but they are actually much more than that to me. They are the realisation of a set of ideas all falling into place. Like a perfect circle.


Get yours here.

Love Outie

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