“Are you ok to drive?” Stuff and things during a growth spurt

If your baby is having a growth spurt, is teething or is sick; things can get a little, um, foggy. What are your experiences like?


A growth spurt can leave you feeling like you are just hanging on for the ride as you cling to the great adventure that is life with a baby…


Feed baby. Sleep. Wake up to grizzling. Feed and burp baby again.

Sleep and dream of weird swamp things.

Feed baby again. Hurt eyes by turning on light.

Curse snoring beast beside me.

Feed baby and fall asleep.

Wake up to light still on.

Toddler yelling. Roll over and hope it will stop.

No stop.

Feed baby.

Baby smiles. Tickle nose. Put baby under play gym.

Get toddler. Kiss toddler. Wrestle toddler. Put toddler in high chair.

Boil kettle. Make porridge. Make toast.

Get baby. Balance baby. Feed toddler. Spread toast. Feed baby. Eat toast.

Get empty coffee container out. Get refill out and fill plunger with entire contents of packet of coffee. Pour coffee back into proper container. Shake head.

“Silly mummy! Mummy is tired!”

Try coffee thing again. Spill water.

Pour plunger. Spill coffee.

Feed baby. Spill baby.

Entertain toddler. Pack pre-school lunch. Pack pre-school bag.

Change toddler. Dress toddler.

Eat leftover porridge. Wipe high chair.

Change baby. Dress baby. Feed baby.

Put baby in car seat.

Put toddler in car seat.

Put self in driving seat.

Wonder where I am going.



This morning I was all ready for driving to pre-school and I caught my man look at me with a, ‘Hmmm?’ expression. My rushed throw-together outfit was a bit questionable and I think it was this, along with my zombified breakfast failings that made him ask me if I was ok to drive. What was I wearing? A black Everything Batwing top with an orange mini skirt, black and white animal print tights and bright pink and purple striped socks… Was I ok to drive? Yes.

But only just. Sleep deprivation can do weird things to your concentration.

Image credit: ‘Hup’ from ‘A Noisy Alphabet’ by Tom Gauld.


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