Three Word Birth Stories – A Collection

Can you describe your experience of birth in just three words?


This is one of the first photos I have of my daughter and I together. It’s blurry but that’s part of it. Daddy was probably shaking. πŸ˜‰


I asked the above question via the Outie facebook page and the answers are haunting, resonant, beautiful, terrifying and revealing.


Here is a collection of some of my favourites:


Like a rocket.

Quick, surreal, empowering.

Natural, amazing, life-changing.

Traumatic, emotional, scary.

Fear, Pain, Triumph.

Fast, Beautiful, Funny.

Long, traumatic, unforgettable.

Early, scary, fast.

Almost down toilet.

Beautiful Home Birth.

Loved every moment.

Best night ever.

Emotional, disempowering, traumatic.

Best thing ever.

Long, complicated, worth it.

On another level.

Scary, absent, sad.

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Long, painful, relief.


And mine: Challenging, raw, beautiful.

Challenging: I had to come to terms with having a second C-section. I really didn’t want one but I had to come to terms with the fact that my body just won’t deliver babies naturally despite my best efforts.

Raw: My body has an entirely new pain threshold that I didn’t know was possible. I felt like I was going to break. I prayed. I learned brand new things about myself. I was a quiet animal. I didn’t scream. It was a new base-line of physical experience for me.

Beautiful: When my daughter was lifted out of me my man said, ‘You got your Ninia’. I knew that’s what I wanted to call her if she was a girl. She was a girl and I couldn’t have known how much I wanted her until I got her. She is amazing. I cried.


Love Katrina




P.S. I would like to publish a book of these ‘three word birth stories’. I love them so much. Thank you to everyone who has shared so far.


36 thoughts on “Three Word Birth Stories – A Collection

  1. Emotional, crowded, beautiful.

    Emotional as I was terrifyied yet excited, anxious yet proud and everything inbetween.
    Crowded because I had too many people in the room (I was young, and wanted to please everyone but know now I shouldnt have)
    Beautiful because I finally got to meet the beautiful baby thay I have loved since becoming aware of, he made me a mother and it was an amazing moment.

  2. 1st baby – not too bad
    2nd baby – “crash” caeser nightmare
    3rd baby – epidural didn’t work!!!
    4th baby – all natural delivery!!!

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