Ten Reasons Why You Want To Trade Places With Your Baby

Babies seem to get an awesome deal...

Babies seem to get an awesome deal…


Ten Reasons Why You Want To Trade Places With Your Baby

1)      You are covered in kisses all day

2)      Everyone adores you even when you have messed your pants

3)      You are put on a pedestal at least three times a day

4)      Your food is cut up for you

5)      A personalised snack pack picnic is never far from reach

6)      People bring you activities that they know you like

7)      You are wrapped up tightly to sleep

8)      You are read bedtime stories

9)      Your day is organised for you

10)   You have your own personal fan club


More Than Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn’t


1)      You don’t have any personal space

2)      You mess your pants and sometimes draw with it

3)      You can’t get down from your pedestal

4)      Your food is dictated to you

5)      Snack packs are never far from reach but you can’t reach them

6)      People think that they know what you want and you can’t communicate well enough to convince them otherwise

7)      You wear a straight jacket to bed (but you know you are not crazy)

8)      You want to stay up late but you are never allowed to

9)      You want to do what you want, but can’t

10)   You are followed by a weird paparazzi who take photos of you even when you are naked/sleeping/on the toilet

11)   Boobs are thrust in your face every time you cry (or should that be in the ‘reasons why you want to trade places’ guys?)

12)   You sleep in a ‘cage’

13)   You are easily overstimulated

14)   You have to wear bear costumes in public

15)   You cannot last a whole day without crying

16) … Can you add more reasons? Please leave a comment below.


Love Katrina (Outie)

This post is brought to you by the Outie Snuggle Shrug – it’s like a straightjacket for Houdini babies – even though we know they are not crazy. 😉


2 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why You Want To Trade Places With Your Baby

  1. Yes! Someone else tidies up after you, does your washing, and tends to your every need when you are sick. They are also understanding when you wake up grumpy, find your socks for you and carry you when you don’t feel like walking.

    Oh! And you get naps.
    Lots and lots of naps.

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