Olfaction Satisfaction: How pregnancy can transform your sense of smell



To start with, here are some interesting facts:

1) Pregnant women can experience a sensitivity to smells (due to increased estrogen)
2) The word for heightened sense of smell is hyperosmia
3) This sensitivity to smells can be most heightened during labour
4) Some women even experience ‘phantom smells’ during pregnancy
5) Some women lose their sense of smell during pregnancy but regain it post birth
6) Some women lose their sense of smell altogether and it may not return for upwards of five years.
7) The sensitivity to some smells can remain long after pregnancy
8) The smell of a new baby is chemically addictive
9) Newborn baby smell has been described as a ‘chemical communication’ between mother and child
10) Perfume manufacturers have tried in vain to capture ‘newborn baby smell’
11) Baby powder does not actually smell like babies
12) Scientists believe the real source of the dopamine inducing smell is a combination of vernix and amniotic fluid
14) Newborn babies lose their ‘yummy’ smell at around 6 weeks


I still have a heightened sense of smell nearly 6 months post birth. I can’t stand the smell of cigarettes from far away, I can sense a dirty nappy before it happens, I have to take the rubbish out immediately if there are any fish products in it and I can no longer wear any of the perfumes I used to love because they are all way too strong…


On the bright side – my baby ‘still’ smells delicious.


She is:

Part porridge, part musk,
part lavender, part dusk,
part cinnamon, part milk,
part wool and part silk.
She is part onion, part dough,
part daffodil, part snow,
part orange, part rose,
loving blended with several ‘I don’t knows’.

-Katrina Ward 2014


P.S. The best way to preserve your baby’s freshness is to wrap them up in a delicious round merino blanket by Outie – Fun Stuff for Fun Parents. The perfect gift all round. X




One thought on “Olfaction Satisfaction: How pregnancy can transform your sense of smell

  1. I have CFS and have a heightened sense of smell anyway but during pregnancy it was INTENSE! I couldn’t go to the supermarket until I was 8 months pregnant because it was too overwhelming and would set off my nausea. It took 5 months to be able to go for a coffee and couldn’t be in a house where meat was cooking until after the birth. Fun times.

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