Mamarazzi Paparazzi – How we treat our babies like celebrities



Babies are treated like celebrities.

In fact you might consider that compared to what a baby is subjected to in babyhood by us parents, we could be training them for life as a potential future celebrity.

Babies have a fan club, a personal chef, a house keeper, a nutritionist, a manicurist, a stylist and more… And it’s all you Mum (or dad).


We are the Mama/Paparazzi because:

  • We are their fan club as soon as they are born
  • We can’t get enough of them
  • We shower them with gifts
  • We let them get away with anything
  • We constantly photograph them
  • We even photograph them before they are born
  • We like to follow them everywhere
  • We like to dress them in outfits that might be a bit too small
  • We do not respect their personal space (too huggable!)
  • We rarely leave them alone
  • We especially like to photograph them when they are sleeping
  • We talk about them all the time
  • We can’t wait for the next time they do something cute (so that we can photograph them)
  • They could poo on the carpet and we would still love them
  • We are addicted to their cuteness

Oh and we’re parents.


Love Outie: bumps, babies, boobies. Boom!


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This post is brought to you by the Outie Splat Mat and Tiny Turtles Baby Search 2014.



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