Denim Bunting – An easy upcycling project

Love bunting? In the mood for some easy DIY? Then this project is for you.

You need:

A pair of old jeans

Scissors or pinking shears

A sharpie

1) Cut down side seams of your jeans so that the seam is still in tact along one side.

2) Cut zig zags up the legs of the jeans so that each line meets at the thick seam but doesn’t cut through it. End your zig-zags on each leg with a downward line at the crotch. I used pinking shears so that the edges are neat but scissors will work too.

3. Open out and you have bunting with the seam as the rope that binds them together.

4. Source type that you like (or make it up) and draw letters on your bunting flags with your sharpie.

5. Do the same with the other side of your jeans and stitch together for longer bunting if you like.

6. Pin up and admire your super-quick and super-satisfying handiwork. X

denim bunting

A little bit of upcycling goes a long way.

Love Outie: we like to make stuff and save the planet too.


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