101 ways to be a better MUM starting today

The best Mums (or Moms) steal some time away from underneath the ‘Mum’ label and make sure they find some time for the me that they were before they had kids.

Here are 101 simple things you can do without too much effort to tend to the ‘me under mummy’ which will make you a better parent too.

M.U.M – ‘Me Under Mummy’seed heart leaf


  1. Put your baby down and stretch
  2. Use your baby to do some baby weights
  3. Start a notebook and write down three things you want to do for yourself this week
  4. Book a date with a friend for next week
  5. Make sure you have one thing you are looking forward to doing tomorrow
  6. Make yourself a mummy-only container of something you love in the pantry
  7. Pull a random day out of the calendar and dedicate it to being a ‘me’ day
  8. Choose a new book to read
  9. Read your favourite book again
  10. Delegate one boring chore to someone else
  11. Hang your favourite clothes up somewhere where you can see them and start planning for an occasion to wear them
  12. Wear your favourite shoes just because
  13. Choose a pair of lucky socks
  14. Make a list of five new things you want to learn how to do before the end of the year
  15. Start learning one new thing this month
  16. Write something affirming on a note and put it in your wallet
  17. Start a daily compliment routine with a friend (it must be reciprocated).
  18. Set an exercise goal
  19. Identify a weakness and work on it
  20. Put a nice note under your pillow to read before you go to bed
  21. Make a date night jar of ideas
  22. Plan a date night
  23. Do a recipe swap with a friend
  24. Teach your children something you loved as a child
  25. Draw something
  26. Watch something that you find funny and let yourself laugh
  27. Turn your phone off
  28. Get outside
  29. Find a new place that is nice to eat ice cream at
  30. Write down three work-related goals for some time in the future
  31. Start a five year plan vision diagram
  32. Put your favourite music in the car
  33. Drive through a car wash
  34. Declutter your wardrobe
  35. Sing your favourite song
  36. Find a new genre of music
  37. Rent a foreign film
  38. Choose a new language to learn
  39. Learn a new language
  40. Read a non-fiction book
  41. Choose a place at random and learn five things about it
  42. Look up and watch the clouds
  43. Make a collection of things that make you feel good and put them in a place where you can see them
  44. Find a new celebrity crush
  45. Find a new celebrity role model
  46. Make yourself a mocktail (or cocktail)
  47. Cook your own favourite dinner
  48. Have a candle-lit bath
  49. Book an in home massage during naptime
  50. Write a haiku
  51. Learn about haiku
  52. Use a new word
  53. Research a class you would like to take
  54. Donate old clothes to the op shop and buy something fun while you are there
  55. Take the long way home
  56. Go to the beach
  57. Drink a cup of tea in nice china
  58. Make a success list of all the things you rocked at today
  59. Write your child a letter
  60. Make a time capsule for future you (for your kids as well)
  61. Do something today that will make tomorrow easier
  62. Put an inspiring quote up on the fridge
  63. Start a new savings account to spend on yourself
  64. Make time for a subject you wished you did at school
  65. Exercise your brain with some sums just for fun
  66. Do a crossword
  67. Hula hoop
  68. Wear make up (or don’t)
  69. Do something mad with your hair
  70. Wear a new bright colour
  71. Run up some stairs
  72. Share your goals with a friend
  73. Become an accountability monitor for a friend’s goals
  74. Start a diary
  75. Start a blog
  76. Find a new blog to follow (this one?)
  77. Write down one thing you miss about life pre-children and get over it
  78. Cuddle your kids (mummy perk)
  79. Walk in the rain
  80. Wear fun jewellery
  81. Make your own reward chart
  82. Share your personal goals with your significant other
  83. Write a letter (not an email) to an old friend
  84. Start planning your ideal holiday
  85. Write your partner a love letter
  86. Write yourself a love letter
  87. Write a ‘things I am mad about’ list and then throw it away
  88. Enter a competition to win something you really want
  89. Make a wish list and put it up somewhere
  90. Plant some seeds
  91. Go to the gym
  92. Find a pram class or baby-friendly class
  93. Practise a new yoga pose
  94. Learn sign language
  95. Become a better accountant
  96. Include a night off in your meal planning
  97. Start a new collection
  98. Turn a facebook friend into a real friend
  99. Watch your favourite movie
  100. Get a cactus (hard to kill and cool when they flower)
  101. Stop comparing.

If you liked this post, you might like to see what I get up to. I like making stuff for my babies and all of the best things have turned into a little shop. You can check it out here:

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