Holy Bat Babies Batman – Bat Print Fun

I don’t often share my behind the scenes unfinished drawings. Yesterday a friend said that she would like to see more of the design process… So I am sharing for her and hopefully you like it too.

Bats have been on my brain lately.

Since seeing them at the zoo with mister two (I think they were actually flying foxes) and then seeing them everywhere in kids’ decor, I wanted to design a fun bat blanket.

As you might have realised already, I do love a good pun…. so with the Batmobile I started thinking about a mobile with little baby bats on it. But when I was drawing patterns with baby bats, they looked silly just dangling in the air like they were on strings and they needed something more solid to anchor them to.

I tried hanging them on hearts because I notices the curved shapes of a Bat’s wing kind of makes the top of a heart shape but I was getting off track and just doodling like a bored high school student…

So I added a visual metaphor instead.

Who is the best anchor for wayward babies? Mummy that’s who (or at least I like to think so).

Why aren’t the baby bats sleeping? Well, knowing my own baby bats so well, they probably only want you to think that they are sleeping even though they are VERY TIRED and should definitely go to bed…

I still loved the heart shapes in my sketches but when I included them as noses in my final drawing the silhouettes looked too busy. I left the heart shape where the wing wraps around their body though, I love that bit.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy seeing some work in progress insights into my latest little fabric design, I liked drawing these little guys.

I’ve called this print Batmobile Bat Babies. This is available as an organic cotton blanket, a mini comforter blankie and a limited edition A4 print (ten only!).

Love Katrina (Outie)

Batmobile with Bat Babies. A new design by Outie.co.nz

Batmobile with Bat Babies. A new design by Outie.co.nz

Sketching out a solution for how to hang bat babies in a pattern.

Sketching out a solution for how to hang bat babies in a pattern.

bat babies sample

The final pattern with Mama Bat flying around with her Bat Babies in tow.

Bat babies


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