Knocker frocks and doodles – breastfeeding in public made easy

I am Super Silver Top.

nouveau window dress

I will apologise first for the simple fact that breastfeeding came easily to me (sorry).

Why apologise? Because I know it can be a real struggle for many women. From the latch not being right, to tongue tie to under/over production, to diet restrictions due to your baby having allergies… I know that it can be a really, really hard road.

I have even felt guilty for it coming so easily to me. (It’s ok though, we all have regrets. Mine are about birth so breastfeeding is allowed to be my success story, right?).

I can’t help you with medical specifics but I can help you to feel more confident to give it a go.

A major struggle many women contend with is not wanting to breastfeed while they are out and about. Someone might see, you might leak, your baby might be fussy, you might end up with too many spills…. I know. The worries that go through your head are tough and I am done with trying to squeeze into the back seat to feed my baby in the hot car uncomfortably when I could relax and sit in a park and enjoy the breeze.

You see, when I first started breastfeeding my son I didn’t like the semi-corporate style that was prevalent at the time. I wanted to wear a dress. I wanted to dress comfortably and most of all, I wanted to wear something that was fun, easy to wash and wear AND easy to feed in. (Yes I did once wear a maxi dress and realise in horror that I couldn’t feed from the top…!)

So I designed a dress that meant that I could wear A DRESS that didn’t have any weird little zips or windows that I had to fumble around with.

nz designer fashion for breastfeeding

Batwing dress worn with a belt is a stylish breastfeeding solution for special occasions and every day wear too.

My Outie dress design allowed me to breastfeed in public with more confidence. No fumbling and no flashing and lots of style and comfort. In fact, it was from breastfeeding in public that people started to ask me to make one for them, and then their friend, and then their friends’ friends –  and it has made me shift the focus of my little business to be all about these dresses because I love them so much.

I make them. I wear them. I love them.

My dresses are FUN so we have called them ‘Knocker frocks’.

They are FUNCTIONAL so we also call them breastfeeding dresses.

They feed through a Batwing sleeve design so we also used to call them the ‘Everything Batwing’.

Whatever you call them, it’s simple and easy to breastfeed in an Outie dress.

All you do is pull the sleeve to the side so that your baby has access to your breast. Some women wear nursing singlets underneath or you can wear just a nursing bra or a boob tube or crop top. Once your baby has established a latch, you can let the sleeve fall nicely over your breast so that you can nurse your baby discretely without exposing your breast.

NZ designer breastfeeding fashion

All of my dresses are designed by me and made in my home studio in Auckland, NZ.

My knocker frocks mean that you can breastfeed confidently and snuggle with your baby without worrying about having a cover that might fall or a cover that your baby will kick off or pull at and without messing around with little zips, pleats or secret openings.

Outie dresses take the struggle out and put the snuggle in.

TEN reasons why my Outie knocker frocks rock:

1) Sleeve-feeding technology makes breastfeeding easy

2) Moisture wicking fabric mean that spills and leaks can be wiped up easily

3) All fabric is tested for moisture visibility in case of spills

4) Breathable light weight fabrics chosen to help with overheating (hormones!)

5) Fun fabric prints designed in house (hence ‘doodles’)

textile design nz designer nz fashion

All fabrics in the signature print range are designed by me too

6) Home-sewn to order so that you can add your personal touch if desired (drop hem/contrast back/design your own print)

7) Dresses can also be worn as tops with jeans or tights

breastfeeding dress nz made

Breastfeeding should not be a struggle and should be more about the snuggle.

8) All dresses are also excellent special occasion dresses

9) All dresses are made in NZ

10) Purchasing Outie products supports a work at home Mama of two

AND I ship globally FYI.

I will shout it from the roof tops because I know your life will be better and I want to make breastfeeding more enjoyable for you and I know my dresses make a difference.

You are welcome. Shop now.

Love Katrina.

Breastfeeding Dresses for Special Occasions (How to avoid a wedding nightmare)

First the breastfeeding at special occasions nightmares you can happily avoid (from my experience):

Once I had a dress fitting for a wedding and forgot that, because I was leaving my baby at home, my boobs would be two sizes bigger due to my milk coming in. I was all boobs and practically falling out of my dress. Whilst my man didn’t seem to mind, other men had trouble looking at my face and I felt like a lopsided Pamela Anderson.

Once I went to a wedding and took my baby. They provided me with a discrete area in the back to feed him but I hadn’t checked how my dress might look if it got wet. He fussed due to being somewhere unfamiliar and my milk leaked on my dress. The fabric of my dress turned a very dark colour where it had spilled and I spent the rest of the wedding trying to cover my stained top with a wrap. (Embarrassing!)

Once I went to a wedding and wore a low cut V-neck dress which I thought would allow for easy access. Sadly access was too easy and I fought with my baby trying to pull my dress to the side to play with my nipple.

Once I went to a wedding and wore a strapless breastfeeding dress (it was really lovely with tiny zebras all over it) but I had trouble keeping it in place because my baby created tension on my hip with my wrap and it caused the fabric to bunch and the top of the dress to keep slipping.

Once I went to a formal occasion and had trialled my top before the event. Unfortunately you could see the line of my breastpads through the fitted fabric and it looked like I had ridiculously large nipples which proved to be a distraction for some and an embarrassment for me…

Once I went to a friend’s wedding and chose what I thought would be the perfect breastfeeding dress only to find that, while it was great for breastfeeding, it was a light colour and the inevitable poo explosion that had to happen on me was difficult to clean up.


So I have come up with the perfect solution and I have called it ‘The Everything Batwing’ because it is the ‘everything and everywhere’ dress that solves the problems I have faced when trying to nurse my babies in public.

I make Outie breastfeeding dresses so that breastfeeding is easy. All you need to do is pull the sleeve slightly to the side to nurse your baby easily. You can breastfeed in public easily and you don’t need a wrap for discretion. I use performance pique fabric (other fabric options are available too) so that it is quick drying, drapes nicely, is breathable and has a soil release finish for easy laundering.

I design my own fabrics so that you can have a one of a kind designer dress made in NZ that is perfect for breastfeeding or maternity for special occasions. You can choose a top, a dress, a panel contrast option, a lace overlay, a wide waist band (great for post-pregnancy tummies), a mullet hem/drop hem or a standard Batwing dress shape.

We ship globally too.

I live in them. I stand by them. I love them. That’s why I make them.

You will love them too. Promise.

Shop now.

Breastfeeding top batwing

Batwing top for easy breastfeeding.

special occasion breastfeeding dress

NZ designer breastfeeding dresses are designed by a mum for other mums who need an easy breastfeeding dress to wear for special occasions

one of a kind designer breastfeeding clothing nz

Design your own special occasion breastfeeding dress that is one of a kind

maternity and breastfeeding dress nz

Stylish dresses by Outie can be worn for both maternity and breastfeeding

designer nz maternity and breastfeeding clothing

Special occasion dresses for maternity and breastfeeding can be designed to match existing accessories

discrete bursing or breastfeeding in public

Discrete feeding in public has never been easier with our designer breastfeeding Batwing dresses.

stylish breastfeeding dress nz

Customised breastfeeding dresses can have contrast panels and can be worn even when not breastfeeding.

Large bust top for breastfeeding special occasions

Batwing shape suits large busts too and can be made as a top in our signature fabrics.

nz designer fashion for breastfeeding

Special occasion dresses in signature nz designer fabrics.

textile design nz designer nz fashion

Our fabric is designed in nz by Outie director and textile designer Katrina Ward

NZ designer breastfeeding fashion

NZ designer breastfeeding fashion made in Auckland, NZ

We do not talk about Sleep Club

Whether you know you are a member or not, we are all members of a secret society called The Sleep Club.


The first rule of Sleep Club is that you do not talk about Sleep Club.


You joined unwittingly at conception.


In early pregnancy, excitement keeps you from getting any.

In late pregnancy, discomfort prevents you from getting any.

In the newborn phase, sleep becomes its most elusive.


After that, it must remain secret. Talking about it risks a sleep jinx.

If your baby slept well last night, you must not talk about it. Talking about it increases the chances of a bad sleep the following night by 78%.


Replace all talk of Sleep Club with a mysterious nod.



Ten Easy Rules of Sleep Club


  1. You do not talk about Sleep Club.
  2. You DO NOT talk about Sleep Club.
  3. Smile and nod at people who ask you if your baby is sleeping through.
  4. Use the mystery nod at people who tell you their baby is sleeping through.
  5. Avoid the phrase, ‘sleeping like a baby’ at all costs.
  6. Learn thy lullabies.
  7. Believe in the sanctity of naps.
  8. Believe in the sanity that naps bring.
  9. Keep calm.
  10. Take one sleep at a time.


NB: Though this post be silly, the truth about talking about it has been true in our house. We have known the sleep jinx so consider yourself warned. Now when we all have a good night’s sleep, we give each other a secret smile (or the mystery nod) and try not to talk about it. A good night’s sleep is like Voldemort – it is better left unspoken.

Sleepless + mad busy + pregnant + baby brain = ?

Outie: Design. Adventure. Play.


Check out our website for a massive SALE on all maternity tees and our new logo to celebrate turning two and officially being up and running. X


The Pregnancy Alphabet by Outie

The A-Z of pregnancy ending with a nice big nap... love from

The A-Z of pregnancy ending with a nice big nap…
love from




D-dignity (out the window)




H-hurl (morning sickness)



K-knankles (extension of cankles…)





P-pelvic floor



S-stretch marks



V- (overgrown)



Y-yelling (mood swings)

Z-zzz (have a nap)


The Pregnancy Alphabet has been brought to you by Outie.

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X Katrina (Outie)

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Three Word Birth Stories – A Collection

Can you describe your experience of birth in just three words?


This is one of the first photos I have of my daughter and I together. It’s blurry but that’s part of it. Daddy was probably shaking. 😉


I asked the above question via the Outie facebook page and the answers are haunting, resonant, beautiful, terrifying and revealing.


Here is a collection of some of my favourites:


Like a rocket.

Quick, surreal, empowering.

Natural, amazing, life-changing.

Traumatic, emotional, scary.

Fear, Pain, Triumph.

Fast, Beautiful, Funny.

Long, traumatic, unforgettable.

Early, scary, fast.

Almost down toilet.

Beautiful Home Birth.

Loved every moment.

Best night ever.

Emotional, disempowering, traumatic.

Best thing ever.

Long, complicated, worth it.

On another level.

Scary, absent, sad.

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Long, painful, relief.


And mine: Challenging, raw, beautiful.

Challenging: I had to come to terms with having a second C-section. I really didn’t want one but I had to come to terms with the fact that my body just won’t deliver babies naturally despite my best efforts.

Raw: My body has an entirely new pain threshold that I didn’t know was possible. I felt like I was going to break. I prayed. I learned brand new things about myself. I was a quiet animal. I didn’t scream. It was a new base-line of physical experience for me.

Beautiful: When my daughter was lifted out of me my man said, ‘You got your Ninia’. I knew that’s what I wanted to call her if she was a girl. She was a girl and I couldn’t have known how much I wanted her until I got her. She is amazing. I cried.


Love Katrina




P.S. I would like to publish a book of these ‘three word birth stories’. I love them so much. Thank you to everyone who has shared so far.

Houdini Baby? Keep Calm and Swaddle On

My baby is a Houdini.

She settles best when she is swaddled but we have had real problems with her hands getting out when we swaddle her with standard muslin and stretch swaddle blankets. With her hands out, she scratches her face, knocks her dummy out and generally becomes distressed until I re-swaddle her.

This ends up being a bit dramatic in the middle of the night…

She is also a ‘warm baby’. She doesn’t like her feet being covered (at all!) and I worry about her overheating if I put her in a Sleep Sack AND swaddle her with a blanket…


I went into my studio hunting for a solution. And I came up with this. X

The Outie Snuggle Shrug TM – designed by Katrina Ward (me).


Step One: Lay your Outie Snuggle Shrug flat




Step Two: Position your baby so that their neck is at the bottom of the horse shoe shape. It should look like your little angel has ‘wings’.




Step Three: Fold one wing down over your baby’s arm and under their back to make a shrug. Pull it firmly through on the other side. This prevents the Shrug from shifting if you have a Houdini baby.




Step Four: Fold the other ‘wing’ down and under baby and pull firmly as before.





Step Five: Fold the Snuggle Shrug’s shorter arm over baby’s arm and wrap across body. You can choose to either tuck it behind baby’s back or leave the end loose to tie in the next step.




Step Six: Fold longer length of Shrug over baby’s arm. Pull across body and wrap around back firmly.




Step Seven: Pull end around and either tie to first end in a simple knot OR if first end is tucked, simply tuck second end in over middle v-shape made from fabric of Snuggle Shrug on baby’s front.




Step Eight: Tuck loose ends in securely. Tickle test and put baby down for a nap.





How do I wean off swaddling? You can simply leave one arm out at steps five or six so that the fabric wraps under the arm rather than over the arm.

Can I wrap with arms by the side? Yes. Leave baby’s arm down as you wrap the arms of the Snuggle Shrug across.

Can I use this with a Sleep Sack? Yes. The Outie Snuggle Shrug is designed to be used with a Sleep Sack so that you can get more use out of one. You can also happily use the Snuggle Shrug without a sleep sack in warmer months.

What if my baby is rolling? If your baby is rolling, it is safest to swaddle with one arm out.

What is the Outie Snuggle Shrug made from? You can choose from either 100%cotton (like the printed one in the pics) or you can choose 100% merino. Both of these fabric options are breathable and merino is a great baby sleep fabric option because it helps baby regulate their own temperature.There are lots of benefits to dressing your baby in merino which I have listed on the merino Outie Snuggle Shrug shop listing.

Where can I get an Outie Snuggle Shrug? From our website!

Do you ship Internationally? Yes we do. Please send me an email ( so that I can send you a personal invoice with shipping for your country included.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Katrina

Outie: we make parenting more fun

How to use an Outie Everything Batwing nursing dress

This is an unrehearsed demonstration that I quickly made to answer a customer’s question: “How do you use your Everything Batwing nursing dresses?”

Well, this is how. I was feeding my daughter before putting her down for a nap. That also explains why she is wearing the Outie Snuggle Shrug (all swaddled up and ready for bed!).

Easy peasy, lessy stressy!

Love Outie