I think I saw a Pukeko – New Zealand Picture Book about birds, words, arguing and not always having to be right

I wrote a book and then I illustrated it and here it is!

This is a fun and funny little story about the words we use to describe things (in this case birds), about how to tell things apart and about fantasy versus reality but it’s also about how to give up when an argument is not really going anywhere…

I published this book with the help of The Copy Press in Nelson, New Zealand. It’s a fully local production – it’s New Zealand made, New Zealand inspired AND it’s about an iconic New Zealand bird, the Pukeko.

Here I am with my daughter reading it via a quick video shot by Reuben from Shoot-Edit-Video in Piha.

I have learned so much going through the publishing process and I am so pleased to share ‘I think I saw a Pukeko’ with you.

You can purchase a copy here and I can ship anywhere in the world.

Thanks for reading and thanks for watching. X

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Why not knowing what you are doing can make you more brave (Thank you)

Since becoming a Mum I have realised that most of the time I have no idea what I am doing… there is no ultimate parenting guide after all.

But I have taken heart from this and become a bit more brave in general. As a consequence I am doing lots of other things I never knew how to do before either…

And my latest thing is actually ‘doing something’ with all the writing and drawing that I do. So I am self-publishing.

Here is a sneak peek at my favourite illustration.

Maybe you saw a blue chicken? - sneak peek inside 'I think I saw a Pukeko' by Katrina Ward.

Maybe you saw a blue chicken? – sneak peek inside ‘I think I saw a Pukeko’ by Katrina Ward.

I’m qualified to write (and draw) I suppose. I used to be an English, Art and Art History teacher. I have degrees in all those subjects. I won the senior English prize at Auckland University. I also recently won the KBR Unpublished Children’s Manuscript Award International Category with my story ‘The Lost Button’ – and all of this has given me a bit of a push in the right direction.

So here it is:

MY FIRST Illustrated Kids Book up on Amazon.

It’s called ‘I Think I Saw A Pukeko’ and it’s a conversation between two kids, or a kid and an adult, or a ‘believer’ and ‘non-believer’ (you decide). It’s fun and very short and my kids love it and I hope yours will too.

Please get in touch if you want a hard cover print copy ($20)

You can take a look at my first book here.

Thanks for all your support everyone. X

The cover art for my debut Picture Book.

The cover art for my debut Picture Book.

Love Katrina x

Oh and to celebrate with you – I have extended a sale on all A5 prints (all $10!) for you on my outie page.


Ho Ho vs Yo Ho – Treasure in a Book *GIVEAWAY*

I love books. I used to have stacks of them taller than me before my first baby arrived – but as soon as he started to crawl, the book-stack-shelves that made my lovely books look like teetering book towers had to go due to them posing a bit of a safety threat… Anyway – books are a special kind of ‘treasure’ in our house.

With all of the Ho-Ho’s of Christmas, it’s fun to focus on some Yo-Ho’s (Piratey goodness) instead. If you enter today’s competition on the Outie facebook page, you might even get to gift a book-treasure to someone special for Christmas!


Treasure! is a cute new picture book by Bronwen Billinghurst illustrated by Danielle Fontaine. The story appeals to me because it is about a group of scruffy bare-footed kids using their imagination to go on a Pirate adventure in the search of hidden treasure. And the treasure they find is exactly the right kind…

What makes this read a little more special is that it comes with a sing along CD so that you and your little sproutie/s can enjoy the lyrical illustrations while the Pirate Song sings the story for you!

AND (this is my favourite part) you can even download your own free board game to go with the story from Happy Bee Books (this is also where you can purchase your own copy).

WANT IT? Check out the Outie facebook page for more details and for a chance to win your very own copy!

Love Outie.

Quicklink for GIVEAWAY!

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Treasure book review thumb