Knocker frocks and doodles – breastfeeding in public made easy

I am Super Silver Top.

nouveau window dress

I will apologise first for the simple fact that breastfeeding came easily to me (sorry).

Why apologise? Because I know it can be a real struggle for many women. From the latch not being right, to tongue tie to under/over production, to diet restrictions due to your baby having allergies… I know that it can be a really, really hard road.

I have even felt guilty for it coming so easily to me. (It’s ok though, we all have regrets. Mine are about birth so breastfeeding is allowed to be my success story, right?).

I can’t help you with medical specifics but I can help you to feel more confident to give it a go.

A major struggle many women contend with is not wanting to breastfeed while they are out and about. Someone might see, you might leak, your baby might be fussy, you might end up with too many spills…. I know. The worries that go through your head are tough and I am done with trying to squeeze into the back seat to feed my baby in the hot car uncomfortably when I could relax and sit in a park and enjoy the breeze.

You see, when I first started breastfeeding my son I didn’t like the semi-corporate style that was prevalent at the time. I wanted to wear a dress. I wanted to dress comfortably and most of all, I wanted to wear something that was fun, easy to wash and wear AND easy to feed in. (Yes I did once wear a maxi dress and realise in horror that I couldn’t feed from the top…!)

So I designed a dress that meant that I could wear A DRESS that didn’t have any weird little zips or windows that I had to fumble around with.

nz designer fashion for breastfeeding

Batwing dress worn with a belt is a stylish breastfeeding solution for special occasions and every day wear too.

My Outie dress design allowed me to breastfeed in public with more confidence. No fumbling and no flashing and lots of style and comfort. In fact, it was from breastfeeding in public that people started to ask me to make one for them, and then their friend, and then their friends’ friends –  and it has made me shift the focus of my little business to be all about these dresses because I love them so much.

I make them. I wear them. I love them.

My dresses are FUN so we have called them ‘Knocker frocks’.

They are FUNCTIONAL so we also call them breastfeeding dresses.

They feed through a Batwing sleeve design so we also used to call them the ‘Everything Batwing’.

Whatever you call them, it’s simple and easy to breastfeed in an Outie dress.

All you do is pull the sleeve to the side so that your baby has access to your breast. Some women wear nursing singlets underneath or you can wear just a nursing bra or a boob tube or crop top. Once your baby has established a latch, you can let the sleeve fall nicely over your breast so that you can nurse your baby discretely without exposing your breast.

NZ designer breastfeeding fashion

All of my dresses are designed by me and made in my home studio in Auckland, NZ.

My knocker frocks mean that you can breastfeed confidently and snuggle with your baby without worrying about having a cover that might fall or a cover that your baby will kick off or pull at and without messing around with little zips, pleats or secret openings.

Outie dresses take the struggle out and put the snuggle in.

TEN reasons why my Outie knocker frocks rock:

1) Sleeve-feeding technology makes breastfeeding easy

2) Moisture wicking fabric mean that spills and leaks can be wiped up easily

3) All fabric is tested for moisture visibility in case of spills

4) Breathable light weight fabrics chosen to help with overheating (hormones!)

5) Fun fabric prints designed in house (hence ‘doodles’)

textile design nz designer nz fashion

All fabrics in the signature print range are designed by me too

6) Home-sewn to order so that you can add your personal touch if desired (drop hem/contrast back/design your own print)

7) Dresses can also be worn as tops with jeans or tights

breastfeeding dress nz made

Breastfeeding should not be a struggle and should be more about the snuggle.

8) All dresses are also excellent special occasion dresses

9) All dresses are made in NZ

10) Purchasing Outie products supports a work at home Mama of two

AND I ship globally FYI.

I will shout it from the roof tops because I know your life will be better and I want to make breastfeeding more enjoyable for you and I know my dresses make a difference.

You are welcome. Shop now.

Love Katrina.

Sweet Connections – Laulipops Shop and Hemp Breastpads

A bonus of running a small business in New Zealand is that it allows me to meet other work at home mummies doing their thing. These connections are really quite special.
The hemp breastpads we stock on the Outie website are made by our ‘new business friend’, Laura. Here’s a little more about her and her business Laulipop’s Shop. hemp breastpads by laulipops shop
What is your business?
My business is Laulipop’s Shop, named so as Laulipop is a nickname of mine!
What do you make?
I make a range of vintage inspired children’s clothing, Breastpads, Baby Bibs and Embroidered Keep Sakes of children’s artwork! (These are our favourites! – Outie)
What is the best thing about your breast pads?
They are made from hemp which is a super cool renewable resource and they get more absorbent the more they are washed! (That’s why we stock them! Love! – Outie)
How did you find out about Outie?
I met Katrina through a business group we are both in. (Katrina was introduced by Suzanne at Bundle)  I discovered Outie through there!
What is your favourite Outie product?
Definitely the Splat Mats! So wish these were around when my kids were little! Best invention ever!
What was your first Outie product experience?
I bought the Everything Batwing pattern. I love it, so simple and easy to make up, easy to resize if needed!
How many Batwings have you made so far?
So far I have only made the one but have plans for many more!

What has this connection meant for you?

When i was in Auckland last Katrina and I arranged to meet and meet up. It was my birthday and we spent it going round ALL the fabric stores buying up a storm! It was the best day!!!!
What else do you have in common with Katrina?
We both have 2 kids …. we have both had Mohawks in the past and we both love sewing!!! Oh and a …. button addiction!
Thanks Laura!
You can connect with Laura on facebook, via her blog, on instagram as #laulipopnz and here’s her shop.
Here’s a pic of Laura in her Outie Everything Batwing dress. Her face is hiding in the shadows a bit – but she’s sneaky like that. You can read Laura’s review of our pattern here.
laulipop batwing

How to use an Outie Everything Batwing nursing dress

This is an unrehearsed demonstration that I quickly made to answer a customer’s question: “How do you use your Everything Batwing nursing dresses?”

Well, this is how. I was feeding my daughter before putting her down for a nap. That also explains why she is wearing the Outie Snuggle Shrug (all swaddled up and ready for bed!).

Easy peasy, lessy stressy!

Love Outie


What’s your Breast-feeding Super Hero Name?

What's your Breast-feeding Super Hero Name?

You can call me Super Silver Top! We had a lot of fun coming up with these names – hope you have a lot of fun seeing what your new name is too!
Love Outie

Speed Feeding and Not Sleeping – Four Month Sleep Regression

There’s a science to sleep and breastfeeding that can be really overwhelming.

Sometimes I know what to do but I forget to do it because I am tired.

I am in the process of working through a breastfeeding and sleeping problem caused by my daughter ‘speed feeding’. She takes five minutes to fill herself up and then seems like she is finished.On one hand it seems fantastic because I have this ueber-efficient breastfeeding baby who can feed quickly and then we can get on with our day – but on the other hand, this is not a good sign that she is feeding properly. And really, what needs to be done so urgently that I can’t relax a little and feed her properly?


The problem is that she stops feeding because she has gulped down an enormous amount of air. This is making her feel full.*

But this speed-feeding habit we have picked up means that she is going to be a few calories short of what she needs for the day and she is consequently waking EVERY TWO HOURS at night.

This has been going on for a few nights now and I. am. going. a. bit. mad.


I mean, just now I ‘wasted’ precious nap time making a fake advertisement just for fun. (I should be sewing). Obviously ‘speed-feeding’ has been weighing on my mind in more ways that one.




So how do I rectify this problem of speed-feeding and not sleeping?

The problem is probably more to do with her feeding and my rushing than anything else. (It could also be the dreaded 4 month growth spurt, but the duration of these nighty-wakies have gone on long enough now that I am convinced there is more to it).


So here’s my game plan:

I need to slow down and allow her to settle into feeding. Burp her and let her return to leisurely sup.

I need to make sure that I am slowing down enough for her to feed slowly without having to ‘speed feed’ before I leap off to do something else (like attend to her older brother). I have to admit that sometimes I feed on the go/while cooking dinner/while out walking and I rarely sit down to relax into it.

I need to make sure she gets enough hind milk (the fuller fattier milk at the back of the milk let down) to help her feel more full and thus (hopefully) sleep better at night.

I need to offer one breast twice rather than swapping sides to ensure that the hind milk is being drunk.

I also need to make sure that I eat more (almonds and oats!) and drink more water. I need to ensure that my supply is good to nourish her little fast-growing body.


So far, so good in today’s first trial.

She and I have had a quieter go with lots of burping and pausing this morning. I have had a good porridgey breakfast and drunk plenty of water.

She is now down for a long nap.

I don’t have all the answers, but I sure do like trying to find them.

Wish me luck!


Love Katrina (Outie)


PS. Please make sure you vote for me. We have been nominated for Best Parenting Blog in the Baby View Best In Home Business Awards.


* Mr Outie is also on board for ‘project slow down and feed properly’ now after I fed her and left him with both babies assuming that both were fed and I could go off and get some exercise.

I returned an hour later to a whole family in tears (well, nearly). My daughter had been crying for more milk and I hadn’t left any expressed, my son was frustrated by his sister crying and my partner was trying (in vain) to calm everyone but he lacked the vital ingredient (boobs) to solve the situation. (As soon as I fed her, all was well again). Sigh.








Nursing/Talking/Hiding/Gawking – Solutions to Breastfeeding in Public or How to Take A Picture of Something You Can’t See


Solutions to breastfeeding in public or how to take a picture of something you can’t see


A little vignette:

Today I fed my baby in public and my friend said, ‘You should video that’.

‘Why would I want to film this?’ I asked.

‘Because those dresses make it so easy and you can’t really tell from the photos on your website.’



I love getting suggestions for improvement – but in order for me to rise to this challenge, I will need an assistant…

I currently don’t have one and I have to confess that normally feeding times are pretty busy… so I will return to this idea another day.

So instead, I took some selfies while feeding my daughter just now (it’s amazing the multitasking that goes on while breastfeeding…) so that you can see how the dress works.



So what are you looking at?

In this series of shots you are looking at me breastfeeding in an Everything Batwing dress. I have a purple tank on underneath and you will see that no matter which way I point my camera, you can’t really see anything.

I think that was what my friend wanted me to show (the fact that there is nothing to see).

ImageNothing to see here…Image

Nothing to see here either..


So I guess it’s what you can’t see that is great about my Everything Batwing dresses because feeding through the sleeve means that you don’t need a muslin or a cover and you don’t have to hide away when feeding in public. You can do it while talking or even while walking… and you probably won’t get any gawking because there isn’t anything to see. That means you can just concentrate on feeding and the feeding in public issue is not really an issue. If you are crafty, you can even buy the pattern.

And for the days that your Everything Batwing is in the wash, try a Trinity Nursing Wrap because they are pretty darned useful and easy too (and check out the new Kowhai Hearts fabric I designed!). We like easy (wear as a loop scarf, doubled as a scarf/neck warmer or open out for discretion when feeding).



Thanks for stopping by.

Mucho Aroha

Love Outie.






Ode to the Boob – a poem


Breastfeeding can be an inspiring time. Just sitting there, unable to move… and thus a poem is born. Just now. X


Ode to the Boob


Ode to the Boob

Large and full

Ode to its function as a feeding tool.


Ode to the bonding, ode to the gaze;

Ode to the nipple and the littlest face.


Ode to the pressure, ode to the cry;

Ode to the accidental squirt in the eye.


Ode to let down and ode to the pump,

Ode to the rhythm of a hungry suck.


Ode to expressing and ode to nesting

Ode to being up all night and never resting.


Ode to the changes and ode to the veins,

Ode to teething and to the startling pains.


Ode to the ‘shower head’ and ode to the latch

Ode to the leak and ode to the wet patch.


Ode to ‘momentary Pamela’ and ode to cleavage,

Ode to the confidence before the leakage.


Ode to the Boobie,

To the breast, to the rack

Ode to the role of mother

And to never looking back.


-Katrina Ward, 2014.


Check out our breastfeeding wraps and dresses here.